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The JonBenet Ramsey Murder Mystery

JonBenet Found
12/26/96 - ~1:00pm Arndt suggested to Fleet White that he and John Ramsey check the house from top to bottom.
12/26/96 - ~1:00pm John Ramsey & Fleet White Search Basement.
12/26/96 - 1:04pm JBR Body Found. John Ramsey entered the room first, turned on the light and, upon discovery of JonBenet's dead body, he exclaimed Oh my God, my baby.
12/26/96 - ~1:04pm Duct Tape Removed. JonBenet had black duct tape covering her mouth, a cord around her neck that was attached to a wooden garrote, and her hands were bound over her head in front of her; she was covered by a light-colored blanket. John Ramsey ripped the duct tape off her mouth and attempted to untie her hands.
12/26/96 - ~1:05pm Fleet White Calls for Ambulance. Within a few minutes of going into basement, Fleet White came running upstairs, grabbed the telephone in the back office located on the first floor, and yelled for someone to call an ambulance.
12/26/96 - 1:05pm Byfield Notified. BPD officer Jim Byfield is notified that JBR body had been found.
12/26/96 - 1:05pm John Ramsey carried JBR upstairs, setting her down on the floor. Though it's unclear why, Arndt then picked up the body again and moved it to the living room near the Christmas tree where Ramsey knelt beside her, repeating My little angel, over and over. Friends carried Patsy, too stunned to walk, over to the body.
12/26/96 - 1:05pm Arndt Requested Backup. Arndt quickly called for backup, declaring a Code Black --police lingo for murder--over the radio. The forensic team returned to the house.
12/26/96 - 1:05pm After the discovery of the body, Everett walked through the basement area of the house, including the wine cellar to attempt to determine if any person were present in the basement.
12/26/96 - 1:05pm Officer Barry Weiss, Sgt. Dave Kicera were dispatched back to the residence because the child's body had been located.
12/26/96 - 1:05pm Det. Arndt saw Fleet White run from the area of the basement door to the den.
12/26/96 - 1:12pm Det. Arndt grabbed a cellular phone in the kitchen and dialed 911 and reached dispatcher Santiago.
12/26/96 - 1:15pm Det. Arndt received a page from communications.
12/26/96 - ~1:20pm Officers Weiss and Everett, lead crime scene investigator, arrive between 1:05 pm and 1:30 pm
12/26/96 - 1:22pm Officer Morgan relayed Officer French from the BPD to the scene at 755 15th Street.
12/26/96 - 1:29pm Det. Arndt received a page stating her call was received by Weld County.
12/26/96 - 1:30pm John Ramsey phones Gary Merriman.
12/26/96 - 1:30pm Walker and Mason Searched Basement. Mason decides to secure the house.
12/26/96 - 1:30pm Priscilla White Calls Niece. Priscilla White calls her niece at the White home, to report the murder.
12/26/96 - 1:40pm John Calls Pilot. Det. Bill Palmer overheard John Ramsey making arrangements to fly to Atlanta over the phone at 13:40.
12/26/96 - ~1:45pm John Ramsey signed search form.
12/26/96 - ~1:45pm John Ramsey's children arrive.
12/26/96 - 1:45pm Ramseys Leave for Fernies. The Ramseys left their home to stay with the Fernies, including JR, PR, JAR, MR and her boyfriend SL. Attorney friend Mike Bynum advised them to get lawyers.
12/26/96 - 1:45pm Officer French leaves the residence for the second time and Officer Weiss and Shunk secured the front and back of the house.
12/26/96 - 1:45pm Sgt. Larry Mason arrives at Ramsey residence.
12/26/96 - 1:45pm FBI agent Ron Walker arrives at Ramsey residence.
12/26/96 - 1:50pm House Secured.

Source: December 26 After Noon - JBRCE