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The JonBenet Ramsey Murder Mystery

The Investigation Begins
12/26/96 - ~2:15pm Burke Interviewed Det. Patterson at the White's house; Burke reportedly had slept through the events of the previous night .
12/26/96 - 2:30pm Det. Arndt visits the Ramseys at the Fernies house.
12/26/96 - 2:35pm Ramsey residence was empty by this time.
12/26/96 - ~4:45pm John Ramsey hired Attorney Mike Bynum. Michael Bynum, John Ramsey's close friend and corporate attorney, who had been away snowshoeing, now arrived at the Fernies house. As he walked in, the family was kneeling in the living room praying with Rev. Hoverstock. John went for a walk with John Fernie in the hills. After returning, Ramsey asked Bynum to represent him.
12/26/96 - 6:50pm Officer Adams relieved Officer Morgan who was staying with the Ramseys.
12/26/96 - 7:11pm Officer Morgan leaves the Ramseys.
12/26/96 - 7:11pm Officer Scott Adams arrives and stays with the Ramseys.
12/26/96 - ~7:40pm John Ramsey takes a walk with John Fernie and Dr. Beuf.
12/26/96 - 7:50pm John Ramsey says I am sorry, I am so sorry while sobbing.
12/26/96 - 8:20pm Dr. Meyer entered the Ramsey residence at approximately 8:20pm according to his autopsy report.
12/26/96 - 8:20pm Police obtain search warrant for Ramsey premises and vehicles in Boulder.
12/26/96 - ~8:20pm Dr. Meyer viewed the body in the living room of the house. The decedent was laying on her back on the floor, covered by a blanket and a Colorado Avalanche sweatshirt. On removing these two items from the top of the body the decedent was found to be lying on her back with her arms extended up over her head. The head was turned to the right. A brief examination of the body disclosed a ligature around the neck and a ligature around the right wrist. Also noted was a small area of abrasion or contusion below the right ear on the lateral aspect of the right cheek. A prominent dried abrasion was present on the lower left neck.
12/26/96 - ~8:30pm After examining the body, Dr. Meyer left the residence at approximately 8:30 p.m.
12/26/96 - 9:00pm John Ramsey laid down with Patsy.
12/26/96 - 9:15pm John Ramsey left to go to DIA to pick up his brother Jeff from Atlanta.
12/26/96 - 9:20pm Officer Scott Adams briefed Commander Eller.
12/26/96 - 10:25pm Patsy got up and asked where her husband was and where her son was. She then sobbed. Why did they do this? Why did they do this? She asked for valium.
12/26/96 - 10:28pm Patsy's sisters and brother-in-law arrive at the house.
12/26/96 - ~10:30pm Patsy Ramsey emerged from the east bedroom at 1950 Teacup.
12/26/96 - 10:45pm JBR body removed from house.
12/26/96 - 11:44pm Detective Arndt Left. Detective Linda Arndt was last to leave the house.
12/27/96 - 00:01am John Ramsey returned from the airport.
12/27/96 - 00:05am Both Patsy and John get valium.
12/27/96 - 00:20am John and Patsy Ramsey fall asleep on the living room floor.
12/27/96 - 1:50am Patsy gets up and asks if someone is with her son, Burke. She also asked for more pills and says I just want to stay asleep. She also asks if all the doors and windows are locked. She is drowsy and drugged.
12/27/96 - 2:00am Patsy gets up to go to the bathroom. She is drowsy and dazed. Sobs every once in a while. At times needs to be supported.
12/27/96 - 2:35am Patsy Ramsey goes back to bed.
12/27/96 - 2:40am John Ramsey gets up and asks for two pills and walks around crying.
12/27/96 - 2:45am John Ramsey goes back to bed.
12/27/96 - 2:50am John Ramsey is back up, crying and sobbing at times.
12/27/96 - 3:50am Officer Barklow relieved Officer Scott Adams.
12/27/96 - 3:50am Officer Barklow arrives and is briefed.
12/27/96 - 4:05am Officer Adams clears scene.
12/27/96 - 4:15am Officer Adams briefed Reichenbach.

Source: December 27 through 1997