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The JonBenet Ramsey Murder Mystery

Who is Who?
Ainsworth, Steve BCSO investigator
Alvarado, Al BPD computer expert
Archuleta, Kimberly Communications dispatcher that took the 911 call
Archuleta, Mike John Ramsey's private pilot
Armistead, Ellis Ramsey private investigator
Arndt, Linda BPD investigator
Barklow, Sue BPD Crime Scene Investigator
Barnhill, Joe & Betty Ramsey neighbors in Boulder
Beckner, Mark BPD Police Chief, successor to Tom Koby
Bennett, Tom Retired Arvada PD investigator, hired by Mary Keenan (Lacy) to lead JonBenet's murder investigation for the DA's office
Bernhard (Pinto), Suzanne Child Psychologist, second person to interview Burke Ramsey
Beuf, Dr. Francesco JonBenet's pediatrician
Burke, Patrick Patsy Ramsey's attorney
Bynum, Michael Ramsey friend and attorney
Caplis, Dan BPD Dream Team organizer
DeMuth, Laurence 'Trip' Boulder County Deputy D.A.
Dilson, Jackie Former girlfriend of Chris Wolf
Doberson, Michael Arapahoe County Coroner, involved in stun gun investigation of Gerald Boggs
Douglas, John Retired FBI BAU profiler hired by Ramsey attorneys
Eller, John BPD Detective Division Commander
Elowski, Jay 'Pasta Jay' Ramsey friend and owner of Pasta Jay's restaurant
Everett, Mike BPD detective and crime scene investigator
Fernie, Barbara & John Ramsey friends, summoned to home on December 26, 1996
Fitzgerald, James FBI Supervisory Special Agent, Forensic Linguist
Foster, Donald Vassar University professor and linguistic sleuth
French, Rick First BPD officer to arrive on the scene on December 26, 1996
Garnett, Stan Boulder County District Attorney, succeeded Mary Keenan (Lacy)
Gosage, Ron BPD investigator
Haddon, Hal Ramsey attorney
Hagmaier, Bill FBI Special Agent, CASKU
Haney, Tom Retired Denver Police Homicide Division Commander involved in Ramsey interviews
Harmer, Jane BPD investigator
Hickman, Melissa BPD investigator
Hisey, Shelly BPD Criminalist
Hoffman, Dan BPD Dream Team attorney
Hoffmann-Pugh, Linda Ramsey housekeeper, named as first suspect by Ramsey family
Hoffstrom, Pete Boulder County Deputy District Attorney and chief of the felony trial division
Hunter, Alex Boulder County District Attorney, succeeded by Mary Keenan (Lacy)
Idler, Greg BPD investigator
Jenkins, Jim Ramsey attorney in Atlanta
Johnson, Lucinda First wife of John Ramsey, mother of Beth, Melinda, and John Andrew Ramsey
Kaempfer, Mary Ann Mother of Burke Ramseys childhood friend
Kane, Mike Special Prosecutor, Boulder Grand Jury
Karr, John Mark Arrested by Boulder District Attorney's Office and extradited from Thailand
Keatley, Bob BPD in-house attorney
Keenan (Lacy), Mary Boulder County District Attorney, succeeded by Stan Garnett
Kithcart, Jeff BPD forgery investigator, discovered practice ransom note
Klass, Marc Father of slain daughter, Polly Klass
Korten, Pat Ramsey public relations specialist
Kostanik, Barbara mother of JonBenet's childhood friend
Laberge, Greg Denver Police Crime Lab Supervisor
Lee, Dr. Henry Renowned criminalist and forensic scientist
Long, Stewart Boyfriend / fiance of Melinda Ramsey
Mason, Larry BPD Detective Sergeant
McCrary, Gregg Retired FBI Special Agent, Criminal Profiler
McReynolds, Bill Played Santa Claus at Ramsey Christmas parties
McReynolds, Janet Wife of Bill McReynolds
Meyer, Glen Basement tenant of Joe and Betty Barnhill
Meyer, Dr. John Boulder County coroner
Miller, Bob BPD Dream Team attorney
Owens, Bill Governor of Colorado, succeeded by John Hickenlooper
Palmer, Bill BPD investigator, overheard John Ramsey planning to leave state after discovering JonBenet's body
Patterson, Fred BPD investigator, first detective to interview Burke Ramsey
Paugh, Nedra Mother of Patsy Ramsey, grandmother to JonBenet
Paugh (Davis), Polly Youngest sister of Patsy Ramsey
Pecchio, Anthony Classmate, friend of Burke Ramsey, accompanied Ramsey family to Atlanta for funeral services
Ramsey, Elizabeth half-sister of JonBenet, eldest child of John Ramsey and former wife Lucinda. Died in traffic accident in 1992
Ramsey, Jeff Brother of John Ramsey
Ramsey, John Father of JonBenet, husband of Patsy Ramsey
Ramsey, Melinda Older half-sister of JonBenet, second child from John Ramsey's marriage to Lucinda
Reichenbach, Paul BPD Patrol Sergeant, second officer to arrive on scene December 26, 1996
Rorke, Dr. Lucy Neuro-pathologist, Philadelphia Children's Hospital
Sandoval, Christine Telluride Marshal's Department officer
Spitz, Dr. Werner Forensics Expert, outlined sequence of injuries sustained by JonBenet
Squier, Norman Telluride Marshal's Department Sergeant
Stanton, Melody Ramsey neighbor who reported hearing a scream
Stine, Susan Ramsey friend
Stephens, Harry Telluride Marshal's Department Sergeant
Tracey, Michael Professor at University of Colorado, initiated John Mark Karr investigation
Trujillo, Tom BPD investigator
Ubowski, Chet Colorado Bureau of Investigation document examiner and handwriting expert
Van Tassel, John Royal Canadian Mounted Police, knot expert
Vodicka, Geraldine Ramsey housekeeper / nanny
Weiss, Barry BPD Crime Scene Investigator
Westmoreland, Rod John Ramsey's best friend and financial advisor
White, Fleet & Priscilla Ramsey friends, summoned to home on December 26, 1996.
Whitson, Bob BPD Sergeant
Wickman, Tom BPD Detective Sergeant
Wise, Bill Boulder County first Assistant District Attorney
Wolf, Chris Boyfriend of Jackie Dilson, Boulder journalist.
Lin Wood, L. Ramsey civil attorney
Mang, Pete Colorado Bureau of Investigation Inspector.
Mann, Gary Vice President of Lockheed-Martin's Commercial Systems Group, parent company to Access Graphics.
Marino, James Former sales representative for Access Graphics.
McCullen, Kevin Staff writer for the Rocky Mountain News, Boulder bureau.
McKinley, Carol Reporter for KOA-AM Radio, Denver.
McReynolds, Bill & Janet Former journalism professor and part-time Santa Claus, and his wife, a writer.
Merrick, Jeff Longtime business associate of John Ramsey and employee of Access Graphics.
Merriman, Gary Director of Human Resources at Access Graphics.
Meyer, John Forensic pathologist and elected coroner of Boulder County.
Millard, Brad Friend of John Andrew Ramsey.
Miller, Robert Denver attorney and advisor on the case to the Boulder police.
Morgan, Bryan Boulder attorney and law partner of Hal Haddon, hired to represent John Ramsey.
Morlock, Grace Boulder Police victim assistance worker.
Morrissey, Mitch Boulder District Attorney grand jury prosecutor.
Mullins, Joe News editor for the Globe.
Novack, Patty Ramsey family friend.
Paugh, Don JonBenet'ss maternal grandfather and a former Union Carbide executive.
Paugh, Nedra JonBenet's maternal grandmother.
Paugh, Pam Sister of Patsy Ramsey.
Peters, Jim Arapahoe County District Attorney.
Phillips, Judith Photographer and Ramsey family friend.
Pitt, Dr. Steve Forensic psychiatrist and consultant to the Boulder Police.
Pozner, Larry Denver defense attorney, frequent media commentator on the case.
Ramsey, Beth John Ramsey's first child, a product of his marriage to Lucinda Ramsey Johnson. She died in a January 8, 1992 automobile accident.
Ramsey, Burke First child of John and Patsy Ramsey, 9 years old the night of the murder.
Ramsey, Jeff John Ramsey's brother.
Ramsey, John Andrew Step-brother to JonBenet Ramsey and a University of Colorado sophomore
Ramsey, JonBenet Born Aug. 6, 1990.
Ramsey, Patsy The former Patricia Ann Paugh, mother of JonBenet Ramsey and wife to John Ramsey.
Reichenbach, Sgt. Paul Former detective working in patrol.
Richtel, Murray Retired Boulder County district criminal judge.
Ritter, Bill Denver District Attorney.
Romer, Roy Governor of Colorado.
Russ, Allison University of Colorado student, friend of John Andrew Ramsey.
Russell, Charlie Denver public relations executive hired by the Ramseys' lawyers.
Ryckman, Lisa Levitt Staff writer for the Rocky Mountain News.
Savage, Suzanne A former Ramsey babysitter.
Scheck, Barry A New York attorney and nationally recognized expert on DNA.
Scott, Brian Landscaper who worked for the Ramseys.
Shapiro, Jeff Freelance researcher for the Globe.
Simons, Randy Pageant photographer who had taken pictures of JonBenet Ramsey.
Smit, Lou Retired El Paso County homicide investigator.
Stewart, Kim Boulder Police detective.
Stine, Glen & Susan Friends of John and Patsy Ramsey.
Thomas, Dave Jefferson County District Attorney.
Thomas, Steve Boulder Police Detective.
Wagner, Laurie Longtime business associate of John Ramsey.
Walker, Roxanne Friend of Patsy Ramsey.
Weinheimer, Carey Boulder Police Detective.
Whiteside, Carl Director of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.
Wickman, Sgt. Tom Boulder Police Detective.
Wilcox, Linda A former Ramsey housekeeper.
Woodward, Paula Reporter for KUSA TV Channel 9, Denver's NBC affiliate.
Zimmer, Rachelle Denver attorney and press spokeswoman for the Ramseys.