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The JonBenet Ramsey Murder Mystery

Physical Description List
Ransom Note The ransom note was found in the Ramsey's home, which was written on Patsy Ramsey's notepad, but several pages from the notepad were missing and not found inside the Ramsey's home. They were never found. Six handwriting experts, and one linguistic expert, analyzed Patsy's handwriting with the ransom note. None of these experts concluded Patsy wrote the ransom note.
DNA Profile A DNA profile was developed from JonBenet's underwear, pajamas, and fingernails which does not belong to John or Patsy Ramsey. The source of the DNA, which came from a male, has never been identified.
Climbing Rope A climbing rope in a paper bag was found in the spare bedroom adjacent to JonBenet's bedroom. The Ramseys said the rope did not belong to them. To my knowledge, this rope was never tested for DNA.
Stun Gun According to Lou Smit and Forensic Medical Examiner Michael Doberson, two sets of stungun marks were located on JonBenet's body, but a stungun was not found inside the Ramsey's home, nor is there any information indicating the Ramsey family ever owned a stungun.
White Adhesive A white piece of adhesive was found on JonBenet's face, indicating the stungun was applied over the duct tape placed on her face. The stungun melted the adhesive from the duct tape.
Baseball Bat A baseball bat having a fiber consistent with the carpet in the Ramsey basement was found in the Ramsey yard near the butler door on the north side of the home. The Ramseys said the bat did not belong to them. The first crime scene photograph of the butlers door shows the door opened. This indicates the offender exited via this door and discarded the bat as he left the house. However a subsequent crime scene photograph shows the door closed. Therefore it is unclear if this door was initially found opened or closed.
Maglite Flashlight A Maglite flashlight was found in the kitchen. The Ramseys said the flashlight did not belong to them.
Black Duct Tape Black duct tape was placed over JonBenet's mouth. The source (roll) of the duct tape was never found.
Red Fibers Red fibers were found on the black duct tape which were consistent with red fibers from Patsy's sweater. However, Patsy wore that sweater while sitting on the blanket in JonBenet's bedroom. It is logical to believe red fibers from Patsy's sweater transferred to the blanket while Patsy sat on the blanket in JonBenet's bedroom. Later JonBenet's deceased body was found in the basement, the duct tape was removed from her mouth, and discarded twice on the blanket. The red fibers from Patsy's sweater, which were already on the blanket because Patsy sat on the blanket wearing her sweater, could have easily transferred to the duct tape. No black fibers from Patsy's sweater were found on the duct tape. Other fibers were found on the duct tape, including brown fibers which may have come from the offender's gloves. The source for the brown fibers was never found.
White Cord White cord (olefin) was used to bind JonBenet's hands, as well as the ligature around her neck. The source for the white cord was never found.
Paintbrush A paintbrush from Patsy's paint kit, which was stored near the storage room where JonBenet's deceased body was located, was broken into three pieces. One piece was used to make the garrote handle. A second piece with the brush was found at the scene. The third piece from the paintbrush handle was never found.
Red Marks Red marks, indicating JonBenet was alive when the marks were made, were on JonBenet's neck. The half-moon shaped marks were above the white cord, indicating JonBenet was trying to release the pressure from the cord (garrote) and the red marks were made by her fingernails while she was alive.
Beaver Hair A beaver hair was found on JonBenet's thigh. According to Lou Smit, the source of the beaver hair was never found. It was speculated Patsy Ramsey owned boots with beaver hair. Smit and Ainsworth searched the Ramseys home for beaver hair, but never found additional hairs.
Animal Hairs Animal hairs were found at the crime scene and their source was never found.
Suitcase A hard sided suitcase was found out of place, positioned below the broken basement window. The window is about five feet above the basement floor and the window is about 20 inches in size, which allows access for an average sized male. According to Lou Smit and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, fibers from inside the suitcase were consistent with fibers found on the outside of JonBenet's clothing, indicating the offender placed JonBenet inside the suitcase. According to Lou Smit, the Federal Bureau of Investigation did not reach the same conclusion about the fibers as the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.
Glass Piece A piece of glass was on top of the suitcase, indicating someone stood on the suitcase and transferred the glass from their shoe to the suitcase. A close-up photo of the suitcase shows what appears to be a shoeprint impression on the suitcase.
Debris Disturbance A disturbance in the debris around the basement window indicates the offender gained entry through this window. This window was found open and the crime scene photographs depict the window open. Styrofoam packing material was inside the window well and one piece of this material was found inside the storage room where JonBenet's body was found. How did the Styrofoam get there?
Hi-Tec Shoeprint A Hi-Tec brand shoeprint was found in the mold in the storage room where JonBenet's body was found. The source of this shoeprint was never found.
Petechiae JonBenet's eyes showed petechiae, which are broken blood vessels due to strangulation, indicating JonBenet was alive when she was being choked by the garrote. The medical examiner listed the cause of death as asphyxiation by strangulation.
Cigarette Butts According to Trip DeMuth, a neighbor reported someone trespassing in their yard and storage shed. Cigarette butts were supposedly collected in connection with this trespass. It is unknown what happened to these cigarette butts, or if they were ever tested for DNA.
Suspicious Vehicles Neighbors reported two suspicious vehicles in the neighborhood, one on Christmas Eve and one on Christmas Day. One neighbor observed a white male walking around the Ramsey's home at dusk on Christmas.
Offender Took Items The source for the following items were never found, which indicates the offender took these items with him: (a) the duct tape, (b) the white cord, (c) the third piece of the paintbrush handle, (d) the stungun, (e) Hi-Tec shoes, and (f) missing pages from Patsy's notepad.
Source Unknown The source for the following items located at the crime scene were never found, which indicates the offender brought these items to the crime scene: (a) his DNA, which was found in JonBenet's underwear, pajamas, and under her fingernails; (b) a beaver hair; (c) animal hairs; and (d) a Hi-Tec shoeprint.
Evidence Left Behind According to the Ramseys, the following items did not belong to them and they were left by the offender: (a) the climbing rope in a paper bag in the guest bedroom adjacent to JonBenet's bedroom; (b) the Maglite flashlight left in the kitchen; and (c) the baseball bat left in the yard near the butler door, which had a carpet fiber from the Ramsey's basement.