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The JonBenet Ramsey Murder Mystery

The Morning of the Murder
12/26/96 - 5:30am John Ramsey Awoke. Patsy Ramsey awoke a few minutes later. While Mr. Ramsey took a shower, Mrs. Ramsey put back on the same outfit she had on the night before and reapplied her makeup. John Ramsey reportedly awoke before Patsy, at about 5:30, and dressed after showering.
12/26/96 - ~5:45am Ransom Note Discovered. Mrs. Ramsey went down the backstairs towards the second floor, then the spiral stairs towards the ground floor, where, on a step near the bottom of the stairs, she discovered a handwritten note on three sheets of paper that indicated JonBenet had been kidnapped. Mrs. Ramsey immediately screamed and proceeded to check JonBenet's room, which was empty.
12/26/96 - ~5:52am Mr. Ramsey went downstairs to read the Ransom Note, while Mrs. Ramsey called the police, informing them that her child had been kidnapped.
12/26/96 - ~5:52am Parents Checked on Burke. After hearing Mrs. Ramsey's scream, Mr. Ramsey ran downstairs and met Mrs. Ramsey in the stairwell. Together, they checked on their son who appeared to be asleep in his room.
12/26/96 - 5:52am Patsy made 911 call.
12/26/96 - ~5:53am Ramseys phone family friends Fleet and Priscilla White, John and Barbara Fernie immediately after the note was found.
12/26/96 - 5:55am Officer French Dispatched and proceeded to 755 15th Street regarding a ransom demand and kidnapping.
12/26/96 - 5:59am Officer French arrives at Ramsey house; reads Ransom Note.
12/26/96 - 6:00am Sgt. Paul Reichenbach hears Officer French dispatched.
12/26/96 - ~6:00am Officer French Searched Basement but fails to Search Wine Cellar Room.
12/26/96 - ~6:03am Fleet & Priscilla White arrived at Ramsey house.
12/26/96 - 6:05am Sgt. Robert Whitson received a page to call watch supervisor Paul Reichenbach.
12/26/96 - ~6:06am Within 15 minutes of arriving Fleet White went downstairs to basement to look for JBR. He looked in the Train Room where he said a window was broken, with no notation of whether it was open or closed. Under the broken window there was a suitcase along with a broken shard of glass. Mr. White also opened the door to the wine cellar room, but he could not see anything inside because it was dark and he could not find the light switch.
12/26/96 - 6:10am BPD officer Karl Veitch responds to the scene. The police did not seal off the defendants' home, exception the interior of JonBenet's bedroom. Any person in the Ramsey house could, and often did, move freely throughout the home.
12/26/96 - ~6:20am Fleet White, Priscilla White, John Fernie, Barbara Fernie at the Ramsey house.
12/26/96 - 6:30am Det. Fred Patterson was contacted by Sgt. Whitson to respond to Boulder.
12/26/96 - 6:35am Linda Arndt receives a call from Sgt. Whitson of a reported kidnapping.
12/26/96 - 6:35am Sgt. David Kicera told officer Barry Weiss to respond to the scene.
12/26/96 - 6:40am Officer Barry Weiss arrived at the scene.
12/26/96 - ~6:45am John Ramsey leaves message for his pilot Michael Archuleta who returns the call a few minutes later; Patsy answers the phone.
12/26/96 - 6:45am BPD officers Barry Weiss, Sue Barcklow, and Sgt. Paul Reichenbach arrive at Ramsey house.
12/26/96 - 6:45am BPD Victim Advocates, arrive at Ramsey house. Early that morning, police had called in a team of victims' advocates, trained in helping families through traumatic situations, who arrived with bagels and coffee.
12/26/96 - 6:45am Priscilla White called niece at White house.
12/26/96 - 6:50am Officer Weiss and Officer Barklow photographed and fingerprinted areas of the house. Officer Veitch collected the ransom note.
12/26/96 - 7:00am Det. Patterson began gathering items he would need at the scene.
12/26/96 - 7:00am Burke Ramsey is awakened and dressed.
12/26/96 - 7:13am Rev. Hoverstock from St. John's Episcopalian Church arrives at Ramsey house just before Burke left for Whites.
12/26/96 - ~7:30am John Ramsey searched the basement area alone. He found the broken window partially open. Under the broken window, he also saw the same suitcase seen earlier by Mr. White.
12/26/96 - 7:30am John Ramsey collected $118,000 demanded in the ransom note.
12/26/96 - 7:33am BPD Canine Unit on Standby.
12/26/96 - 7:55am Reichenbach meets with BPD Detectives Linda Arndt and Fred Patterson at the Basemar Shopping Center to brief them on the case.
12/26/96 - 8:00am Neighbor Scott Gibbons got up and observed a basement door leading into a kitchen area was standing wide open.
12/26/96 - 8:00am Fleet White returned to the White residence with the Fernie children and Burke Ramsey.
12/26/96 - 8:10am Linda Arndt and Fred Patterson arrive at Ramsey house.
12/26/96 - 8:21am The three-page ransom note was received into Boulder Police Department property.
12/26/96 - ~8:30am BPD followed standard procedure by putting taps inside the house and at John Ramsey's office.
12/26/96 - ~8:30am Arndt Instructed John Ramsey. Linda Arndt told John Ramsey what to say if the ransom call came: demand to talk to JonBenet. John Ramsey took notes. Must talk to JB, he scribbled.
12/26/96 - ~8:30am Advocates Cleaned Kitchen. After using the kitchen, the advocates began tidying it up, one friend helped clean the kitchen, wiping down the counters with a spray cleaner--and possibly wiping away important evidence. .
12/26/96 - 9:21am Det. Byfield contacted Det. Patterson to tell him that Laurie Vencel, Lafayette State Bank was collecting the money for the ransom.
12/26/96 - 9:22am Det Byfield contacted Det. Kithcart to respond to the BPD to assist in the investigation.
12/26/96 - 9:27am Det Byfield contacted Gary Merriman a list of the employees at Access graphics.
12/26/96 - 9:30am Ransom Amount Arranged. John Fernie returned to the Ramsey residence after meeting with his banker and arranging to have $118,000 in cash available.
12/26/96 - ~9:30am Sergeant Whitson arrived. BPD Sergeant Bob Whitson arrived at house, entering through rear exterior kitchen.
12/26/96 - 9:45am Det. Jeff Kithcart arrived at the Boulder Police Department.
12/26/96 - 9:50am Det. Everett and Det. Byfield met with Gary Merriman at Access Graphics.
12/26/96 - 10:00am No one mentioned to Det. Arndt that the suspected kidnappers had not called within the designated time period.
12/26/96 - 10:07am Det. Everett and Det. Byfield respond to the Ramsey residence.
12/26/96 - ~10:30am JBR Bedroom Sealed. JonBenet's bedroom had been sealed off by Detectives Arndt and Fred Patterson.
12/26/96 - 10:30am All additional police officers and victim advocates other than Linda Arndt and family members and friends leave the Ramsey residence.
12/26/96 - 10:45am Representatives from the FBI arrive at the BPD.
12/26/96 - 12:30pm Det. Arndt notices John Ramsey to be by himself.
12/26/96 - 12:30pm Det. Arndt phoned Larry Mason at BPD.
12/26/96 - ~1:00pm Arndt Tells John Ramsey to Search House. The mood in the house was quiet and tense. John Ramsey milled anxiously around the living room; Patsy sat virtually motionless in a chair.

Source: December 26 Before Noon - JBRCE