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History of Items Submitted to Bode Technology for DNA Analysis
November 2007


Composed of white colored cord, Olefin (polypropylene) braided, wrapped 6 times around a paintbrush handle (about 4 1/2 inches in length) to form a knot. This knot was located at the back of the victim's head. The end of the cord attached to the paintbrush handle was singed. The opposite end was formed by making a loop then tying an overhand knot with a left hand chilarity. The loop could then be tightened by pulling on the standing part, thus forming a loop that encircled the neck/throat of JonBenet. The knot holding the broken paintbrush in place was about 17" from the knot forming the loop encircling the victim's neck/throat area. Head hair matching the victim's head hair, was found entwined in the knot at the back of the victim's head or the knot affixing the broken paintbrush handle to the garrote. A knot expert with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police analyzed the formation of the knot. Two (2) areas of stain on the cord were cut out and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation analyzed the cuttings for DNA. The DNA from the 2 stains matched the victim's DNA. Other than the 2 cuttings, no other portion of the garrote cord has been analyzed for DNA. The cord did not match any similar cord located in the Ramsey home. John Ramsey carried his daughter up a flight of stairs after discovering her body. John Ramsey may have touched the garrote. Persons standing over the deceased were crying. No one was wearing gloves. The CBI declined to conduct further DNA analysis of the garrote due to a high probability of a DNA mixture being present on the garrote as a result of all persons who have handled the item from the point of manufacture to present.

Paintbrush Handle:

The paintbrush handle used in the formation of the garrote, was broken on either end. Tills section of paintbrush handle measured about 4 1/2 inches in length. Portions of a broken paintbrush handle were found in a paint tray in the basement area of the Ramsey home. The broken portions of the paintbrush handle found in the paint tray matched the broken paintbrush handle found in the garrote. The paintbrush handle and broken pieces also had paint spatter on them, consistent with paint spatter in the paint tray. The paint tray and contents belonged to the Ramsey's. Patsy enjoyed painting as a hobby. No blood was indicated on the paintbrush handle. No fingerprints suitable for identification purposes were developed from the paintbrush handle. No DNA was developed from this item.

Ligature from Wrists:

Composed of white colored cord, Olefin (polypropylene) braided, similar in size and construction with the cord used in forming the garrote. When her father found JonBenet Ramsey, a ligature was attached to each of her wrists. Both ends of the wrist ligature were frayed. John Ramsey removed the ligature encircling his daughter's left wrist. The ligature encircling JonBenet's right wrist was loosely tied. Both knots remained intact. The knot encircling the victim's right wrist was tied loosely over her long sleeve white pajamas. Distance between the two loops measured about 15 1/2 inches. The knot attached to JonBenet's right wrist was a larks head knot also known as a cow hitch or a capsized reef knot or more commonly a square knot. The knot that had been removed from the victim's left wrist by Mr. Ramsey was a "Z" noose with the standing part pulled through the center of the noose knot, which allowed the pulling together of the wrists. No DNA was developed from this item.

Black Piece of Duct Tape:

The duct tape affixed to the mouth of JonBenet, was black in color and torn at each end. The duct tape did not match other black duct tape recovered from the Ramsey home. Black duct tape found on the back of wall mounted paintings, differed in thread count and a difference in the color of adhesive. John Ramsey removed the duct tape from JonBenet Ramsey's mouth. He placed the duct tape on the white colored blanket that JonBenet was lying on. Fleet White, Jr. entered into the basement level storage room after the victim was found. Fleet White Jr. picked up the piece of black colored duct tape from the white colored blanket then placed the piece of duct tape back onto the blanket. Neither Fleet White Jr. nor John Ramsey wore gloves. The black piece of duct tape removed from the mouth of JonBenet Ramsey tested positive for human blood. The blood was analyzed by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation; DNA from the blood matched the victim's DNA profile.

Long Underwear - Bottom Portion

White in color with an elastic waistband. Evidence at the Crime Scene indicated the perpetrator removed or pulled down the long underwear (Bottom) worn by JonBenet. The assault occurred. The underwear was then pulled back up to the original position. John Ramsey would have touched the long und~ear when he carried his daughter from the family vehicle and placed her into her bed. John Ramsey also touched the long underwear after he discovered his daughter in the basement and carried her upstairs. Not previously examined for DNA.

Rope from Guest Bedroom

Found on a bag on a chair: The rope located atop a chair in the guest bedroom was not identified as belonging to any member of the Ramsey family. The item has not been examined for DNA nor has the item been examined for any morphological evidence (hairs/fibers).

Scalp Trauma

An autopsy was conducted on JonBenet Ramsey by Dr. John Meyer, Forensic Pathologist with the Boulder County Coroner's office. The Forensic Pathologist did not identify any scalp trauma during the external exam at autopsy. Photographs verify there are no sign of head trauma. The internal examination revealed "an extensive area of scalp hemorrhage along the right temporoparietal area" measuring approximately 7 inches by 3 inches. "At the superior extension of this area of hemorrhage is a linear to comminuted skull fracture which extends from the right occipital to posteroparietal area forward to the right frontal area across the parietal portion of the skull." This fracture measured about 7 inches in length. A rectangular shaped displaced fragment of skull is noted in the posteroparietal area and measured about 1 3/4 inched by 1/2 inch. Microscopic examination revealed some cerebral edema.              (c) 2023