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A contribution to finding Justice for JonBenet Ramsey, is a repository of information that I have learned and collected about the case since I began discussing it online. Formerly, I managed the JBRCE/JonBenet Ramsey Case Encylopedia most of which I have now converted to pdf files; but the JBRCE website format is limited. I like to build websites and write code for presentation effect and functionality; so, for now I am structuring data and warehousing information like I have done with the Cora Files and the Timeline Files for those who appreciate it. If you want to talk, then contact me at the address above.

9-28-23 - Michael Dougherty, Boulder DA on the Craig Silverman Show 2-27-2021

Michael Dougherty speaks briefly about the JonBenet Ramsey Case

9-27-23 - Forensic Genetic Genealogical DNA Analysis and Searching

United States Department of Justice Interim Policy, November 1, 2019.

9-24-23 - Craig Silverman Interview with Mitch Morrissey 8-20-2022

Mitch Morrissey discusses what really happened with the Ramsey True Bills and Alex Hunter's decision not to prosecute; he also talks about solving the case with the DNA profile in CODIS; and the possibility of using Forensic Genetic Genealogy to find and identify UM1.

9-20-23 - Stun Gun - Measurements Certification

9-18-23 - One Meaningful Profile UM1 - Based on Bode Findings

9-17-23 - JBRCE pdf Files/pages

9-15-23 - The Profile of a Killer - DNA Profiles Compared

9-11-23 - Rising from the Ashes of the World Trade Center

In the aftermath of the rubble of the World Trade Center, crime scene analysts started the tedious work of reconstructing the remains. Evidence collected advanced DNA Identification Technology using databases and software built on DNA profiles; it provided answers to questions some thought they would never know. It evolved into something great and edifying.

I can’t explain, for example, how his wedding band was found and returned to me. It’s a puzzle ring, with four thin interlocking gold bands. How could it have been found in the still-burning pile at Ground Zero? But it was … Eamon’s cousin John Beggins, a New York City police officer assigned to guard Cardinal Egan, was the one who brought me the ring. When I opened the velvet box he handed me, I could see that the ring had come undone, but all the pieces had been found and were intact. Two of the bands were just slightly bent, and there was no hint of any of the gold melting. In a few seconds, I manipulated the pieces and had the ring back in its original form. To me, having this ring returned was a miracle. I viewed it as another “sign” and a message from my husband – a message that everything would be okay and that I can get on with my life.” McEneaney, Bonnie. Messages: Signs, Visits, and Premonitions from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11.

The human value of this story is undeniably great; but the scientific value is equally impressive.
9-11-2003 Bio-IT World Trade Center Article

9-6-23 - Boulder Police Chief Herold on Reimagine Policing Program

Chief Herold has Leadership Skills. I hope she can solve JonBenet's murder soon; as a followup to her Guest Opinion, Boulder City Council approves her Reimagine Policing Plan. Although one has to wonder with new emphasis on preventing crime in Boulder, and lowering the number of arrests, if solving JonBenet's cold case murder will be a priority for the reimagined BPD. Time will tell I guess; however, for JonBenet time has not told anything so far.

Members OK Reimagine Policing Plan, Daily Camera, September 8, 2023.

Meris Herold Guest Opinion Daily Camera, September 6, 2023.

9-1-23 - Lou Smit, True Detective

It's a good thing for everyone to have a Mission Statement and Lou Smit had a philosophy about how to approach and analyze a Crime Scene - through the Victim's Shoes. His Mission Statement is a reflection of goals and values that assist in making decisions and moving forward like a Guiding Light. Lou Smit continued to investigate the JonBenet Ramsey Homicide long after BPD had essentially gone home. And Lou Smit was the Detective who worked with Mary Lacy and her DA Investigative Team in submitting a DNA Profile to CODIS in early 2004.

the Vision of Lou Smit              (c) 2023