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The JonBenet Ramsey Murder Mystery

Mystery Dateline
1/11/18 DA Stan Garnett Resigns. District Attorney Stan Garnett is resigning two years into his third and final term as Boulder County's top prosecutor to take a senior partner position at a private law firm in Denver.
1/5/18 CBS Motion to Dismiss Denied. Judge David A. Groner denied the network's motion to dismiss the lawsuit. A review hearing is scheduled for January 18, and a settlement conference for March 8. This Court finds that the statements at issue and the docu-series as a whole could reasonably be understood as stating actual facts about Plaintiff. This Court does not find that the disclaimer at the beginning and at the end of the program negate the docu-series potentially defamatory meaning.
4/6/17 Former Ramsey Investigator Ollie Gray Dies. According to Internet poster Jameson, Ollie Gray has died.
3/9/17 CBS Files Motion to Dismiss Burke Ramsey Suit. A lawyer for defendants in a $750 million defamation lawsuit filed by Burke Ramsey, the brother of murder victim JonBenet Ramsey, filed a response Thursday asking that his action be dismissed outright.
2/23/17 Article: Steven A. Diamond. Who Killed JonBenet? Part 2: The Ransom Note. Psychology Today.
2/7/17 Dr. Oz Broadcast. A New Look at the JonBenet Ramsey Case with Aphrodite Jones and John San Agostin.
1/18/17 Article: Steven A. Diamond. Who Killed JonBenet? Psychology Today.
12/28/16 Burke Ramsey Sues CBS for Defamation. Burke Ramsey filed a $750M defamation suit over CBS series about JBR's killing.
12/23/17 Boulder DA Tells Australian News He Knows Who Killed JBR. Asked if he thought he knew who killed JonBenet, Mr Garnett replied, I do. He added: If we can ever file a case in open court, I'll tell the world. asked him to reveal his view on who was responsible for the death, but he declined to say.
12/17/16 Paula Woodward Reddit AMA. Author Paula Woodward discusses her book We Have Your Daughter on a live Reddit AMA, resulting in nearly 200 comments.
12/13/16 BPD/DA Plan New DNA Testing. Boulder police, DA plan new DNA testing in JonBenet Ramsey case. Boulder County DA Stan Garnett and Testa confirm that they and members of their staffs discussed the issue with Colorado Bureau of Investigation administrators, who are on the verge of unveiling new, more sophisticated DNA tests than their lab has ever used before.
11/30/16 Dr. Werner Spitz files a motion for summary judgment in the case filed against him by Burke Ramsey. He argues he was expressing his point of view, which is allowed under the First Amendment.
11/28/16 Updated Smith Book Published: Smith 2016. The Last Christmas of JonBenet Ramsey II: A Freakish Accident, Murderous Cover-Up, And a Shameless Plea-Bargain (2nd edition). November 28, 2016. Author provides case against John and Patsy Ramsey.
11/5/16 Who Killed JonBenet? Lifetime Movie Broadcast
11/5/16 JonBenet's Mother. Victim or Killer? (2016). Lifetime Movie Channel (86 minutes) premiered on this date.
10/28/16 Butt-print Found Outside JBR Bedroom. Former Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy told ABC News in an interview this week that a detail critical to her belief that an intruder had killed JonBenet Ramsey was a butt print she spotted in carpeting outside the child's bedroom days after the murder.
10/28/16 Westword Article by Alan Prendgast. JonBenet Ramsey Investigation: Distorted DNA Part of Ongoing Coverup?
10/28/16 Lacy Exoneration of Ramseys Challenged. Forensic experts who did a cursory examination of the results of DNA tests obtained exclusively by The Daily Camera and 9News dispute former DA Mary Lacy's conclusion that a DNA profile found in one place on JonBenet's underpants and two locations on her long johns was necessarily the killer's.
10/18/16 Kerns Book Published: Kerns 2016. The Coldest Case: Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey. October 18, 2016. Author argues that an intruder did it.
10/12/16 Rolling Stone Article: Bryn Lovitt. Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey? 8 Possible Suspects.
10/6/16 Burke Ramsey Sues Werner Spitz. Burke Ramsey files a $150 million defamation lawsuit against forensic pathologist Dr. Werner Spitz. The lawsuit stems from the airing of a two-part CBS docuseries about the murder of JonBenet, in which Spitz theorized that Burke Ramsey killed his sister.
9/27/16 Woodward Book Published. Woodward 2016. We Have Your Daughter: The Unsolved Murder of JonBenet Ramsey Twenty Years Later. September 27, 2016.
9/19/16 Burke Interview with Dr. Phil Part 4, Who Killed Child Beauty Queen JonBenet Ramsey? (46 minutes) premiered on this date.
9/19/16 Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey? CBS (Part 2--82 minutes) premiered on this date.
9/18/16 Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey? CBS (Part 1--84 minutes) premiered on this date.
9/15/16 Burke Interview with Dr. Phil: Part 3. Part 3, The Burke Ramsey Interviews: Your Questions Answered (43 minutes) premiered on this date.
9/14/16 JonBenet: An American Murder Mystery: Part 3--He Calls Himself Daxis. Investigation Discovery (43 minutes) premiered on this date.
9/13/16 JonBenet: An American Murder Mystery: Part 2--Pool of Suspects. Investigation Discovery (43 minutes) premiered on this date.
9/13/16 Burke Interview with Dr. Phil Part 2, JonBenet Ramsey Murder: Brother Burke and the Secret Interrogation Tapes (38 minutes) premiered on this date.
9/12/16 JonBenet: An American Murder Mystery: Part 1--A Killer on the Loose. Investigation Discovery (43 minutes) premiered on this date.
9/12/16 Burke Interview with Dr. Phil. Part 1 The JonBenet Ramsey Murder: Brother Burke Breaks His Silence (32 minutes) premiered 9/12/16. Burke Ramsey speaks about his sister's murder publicly for the first time in an appearance on the Dr. Phil show. He denies any involvement in her death.
9/9/16 Who Killed JonBenet? Dateline NBC Documentary Broadcast. Who Killed JonBenet? Dateline NBC (85 minutes) premiered on this date.
9/5/16 The Killing of JonBenet Ramsey: The Truth Uncovered A&E Documentary Broadcast. A&E (86 minutes) premiered on this date.
9/1/16 Boulder Police Chief Greg Testa said he wouldn't do interviews about the case to maintain the investigations integrity. He points out that the department has processed 1,500 pieces of evidence, took 200 DNA samples, interviewed more than 1,000 people in eight states and investigated more than 20,000 tips, letters and emails.
8/15/16 McDonough Book Published. Sam Dennis McDonough. 120 Clues That Show Who Killed JonBenet. Author provides case against Patsy Ramsey.
8/7/16 Singular Book Published. Presumed Guilty: An Investigation into the JonBenet Ramsey Case, the Media, and the Culture of Pornography (Kindle Edition). Author updates his 1999 theory that unspecified members of a child sex ring did it.
11/2/15 Barbara Walters Documentary Broadcast. Barbara Walters Presents: American Scandals. JonBenet Ramsey: Inside the Mystery. Investigation Discovery (44 minutes) premiered on this date.
8/15/15 Bee Book Published: Sweetie Bee. Little Girl Blu The JonBenet: Inside Circle Theory. Author argues that an unspecified intruder did it.
7/31/15 Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey? Documentary Broadcast. Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey? Written and produced by Darnay Hoffman and Michael Peele, 2015 (33 minutes). Posted to YouTube on 7/31/15.
4/8/15 Smith Book Published: Laurence Smith. The Last Christmas of JonBenet Ramsey. Author provides case against John and Patsy Ramsey.
3/29/15 James Kolar Reddit AMA. Former case investigator and author James Kolar discusses his book Foreign Faction on a live Reddit AMA, resulting in more than 400 comments.
2/24/15 Mark Beckner Expresses Regrets Over AMA. In an interview published today in the Boulder Daily Camera Beckner expresses regrets over participating saying he didn't realize his comments during an Ask Me Almost Anything session for the Reddit online community would filter out to the public at large.
2/21/15 Mark Beckner Reddit AMA. Former case BPD chief Mark Beckner does a live Reddit AMA, resulting in more than 600 comments. Chief Beckner deleted his AMA when he realized how much publicity it received.
1/10/15 Miller Book Published in U.S. Thomas Doc Miller. JonBenet Ramsey: Prostitution of Justice. Author is uncertain which Ramsey did the killing but is certain Patsy wrote the RN.
12/17/14 Westword Article by Alan Prendergast. JonBenet Ramsey: How the Investigation Got Derailed -- and Why It Still Matters
1/23/14 Statement Regarding the Family of Fleet White, Jr. Fleet and Priscilla White, the Boulder couple who were in the Ramsey home the day JonBenet's body was discovered, are officially exonerated in the JBR killing for the third time.
1/15/14 Cameron Book Published. John A. Cameron. It's Me, Edward Wayne Edwards, the Serial Killer You Never Heard Of. Author argues that a serial killer named Edward Edwards did it.
1/12/14 Pietras Book Published. David Pietras. The Tragic Little Pageant Princess. Author provides case against John and Patsy Ramsey.
10/27/13 Open Letter from DA Stan Garnett was published in Daily Camera.
10/25/13 BPD Press Release: Boulder Police Department Statement About Release of Ramsey True Bills.
10/25/13 Grand Jury Indictment Released. In response to a lawsuit brought by Daily Camera reporter Charlie Brennan and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, a judge unseals the unprosecuted grand jury indictments in the Ramsey case.
10/23/13 Judge Approves Indictment Release. Judge rules that the court will release grand jury indictment about the Ramseys.
10/13/13 Westword Article by Alan Prendergast. JonBenet's parents: How an indictment became an exoneration. In-depth discussion of the 1999 grand jury indictment and DA Mary Lacy's subsequent exoneration of the Ramseys in 2008.
1/29/13 Bob Enyart pastor of the Denver Bible Church published The Clue That Breaks the Ramsey Case claiming that Patsy Ramsey had killed JBR in a fit of rage and she and John had covered it up. Two YouTube videos summarize the report.
1/27/13 Grand Jury Indictment Made Public. The Boulder Daily Camera reports for the first time that the grand jury investigating JonBenet's death in 1998 and 1999 had secretly voted to indict both John and Patsy Ramsey on charges of child abuse resulting in death. But then DA Alex Hunter refused to sign the indictment believing he could not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.
8/22/12 Taylor Book Published. John W. Taylor. Umbrella of Suspicion: Investigating the Death of JonBenet Ramsey. Author provides case against Burke Ramsey.
6/28/12 Whitson & Smit Book Published: Robert A. Whitson and Andrew Lou Smit. Injustice: Why JonBenet Ramsey Was Murdered by a Sadistic Psychopath--Not Her Parents. Authors argue that an unspecified intruder did it.
6/14/12 Kolar Book Published. A. James Kolar. Foreign Faction--Who Really Killed JonBenet? Worked as an investigator in the DA's Office under Mary Lacy.
5/8/12 James Book Published. Bill James. Popular Crime: Reflections on the Celebration of Violence. Includes chapter on JBR killing; author argues that an unspecified intruder did it.
5/1/12 Jameson Book Published. Jameson. Murdering JonBenet. Author argues that an unspecified intruder did it.
3/14/12 John Ramsey Book Published. John Ramsey. The Other Side of Suffering: The Father of JonBenet Ramsey Tells the Story of His Journey from Grief to Grace. Author argues that an unspecified intruder did it.
7/21/11 John Ramsey Remarries. Press reports identify his wife as Jan Rousseaux 53, a twice-divorced Las Vegas designer. The wedding is a private ceremony in Charlevoix, MI.
5/2/11 Lawyer Darnay Hoffman Dies. Mr. Hoffman died after stabbing himself in the chest on May 2. The city medical examiner's office said he was 63.
11/5/10 Hoffman-Pugh Book Published. Linda Hoffman-Pugh. The Death of an Innocent. Author provides case against Patsy Ramsey.
10/2/10 Police investigators conduct new rounds of interviews.
9/1/2010 Police Seek to Re-interview Burke Ramsey. Reports surface that, as part of a plan to take a fresh look at the Ramsey case, police seek to re-interview JonBenet's brother Burke, who had been 9 at the time of her death. Ramsey family attorney Lin Wood confirms a detective met with Burke, gave him a business card and said, If you want to talk to us, here's how you would contact me.
8/11/10 Lou Smit Dies. Detective Smit died in Colorado Springs at age 75 of colon cancer.
6/15/10 Walker Book Published. John H. Walker. In My Opinion: JonBenet Ramsey, the Travesty of Innocence Revisited (Paperback). Author provides case against John and Patsy Ramsey.
2/2/09 BPD Resumes Lead Responsibility for Case. Boulder police Chief Mark Beckner and newly sworn Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett announce that the Boulder Police Department is taking the Ramsey investigation back from the district attorney's office. Additionally, Beckner announces formation of a new task force to take a fresh look at the case, which is to include representatives from the FBI, Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Colorado Attorney General's Office.
10/5/08 Tracey Book Published. Michael Tracey. From Christmas to August: An Essay on Murder, Media Mayhem and the Condition of the Culture. Author argues that an unspecified intruder did it.
7/9/08 DA Clears Ramsey Family. Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy says no one in the Ramsey family is considered a suspect and formally apologizes in a letter to John Ramsey for the cloud of suspicion his family has lived under for nearly 12 years. The letter explains that new DNA tests have convinced her that no member of the Ramsey family should remain under any suspicion.
6/22/07 Bennett Book Published. S. I. Bennett, AKA Jameson. ?A Rebuttal to Sam Dennis McDonough's Book. Author argues that an unspecified intruder did it.
6/22/07 Bennett Book Published. S. I. Bennett, AKA Jameson. ?A Rebuttal to Steve Thomas Book JonBenet - Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation. Author argues that an unspecified intruder did it.
5/1/07 Miller Book Published in Japan. Thomas Doc Miller. JonBenet Ramsey: Prostitution of Justice.
12/12/06 Dresbold & Kwalwasser Book Published. Michelle Dresbold and James Kwalwasser. Sex, Lies and Handwriting. Includes a chapter analyzing RN.
12/5/06 The Killing of JonBenet: An Evil Twist Documentary Broadcast. Produced by Michael Chrisman and David Mills, this documentary premiered on this date.
10/11/06 Major Village Voice Article. Alan Prendergast. Made for Each Other is an-depth report on Michael Tracey and his various documentaries about the case.
10/5/06 Karr Child Pornography Case Dropped. The Sonoma County, Calif., child pornography case against Karr is dismissed due to a lack of evidence.
8/28/06 Karr Charges Dropped. Lacy announces that DNA tests show Karr's genetic profile does not match the unidentified male DNA found in JonBenet's underwear and abandons plans to prosecute him in the girl's death. He is re-arrested the same day and faces extradition to Sonoma County, Calif., on child pornography charges.
8/26/06 No DNA Match. DNA tests show that Karr is not a match for the DNA evidence in JB underwear.
8/24/06 Karr arrives in Colorado. Prosecutors acknowledge the case is still in its early stages.
8/22/06 Karr waives extradition hearing in Los Angeles courtroom and agrees to go to Colorado.
8/21/06 Decorum Order. Roxanne Bailin, Chief Judge, 20th Judicial District issues decorum order regarding media conduct during legal proceedings related to John Mark Karr.
8/20/06 Karr returns to the United States.
8/17/06 Karr tells reporters he was with Jon-Benet when she died, but that her death was an accident.
8/16/06 Karr Arrested. Arrest warrant sent by Boulder authorities to Thai police and a suspect, teacher John Mark Karr, is arrested in Bangkok, Thailand. The Boulder DA's Office says the arrest followed a several-month investigation during which John and Patsy Ramsey had been consulted.
7/6/06 The Investigators: JonBenet: Anatomy of a Cold Case. Documentary Broadcast. CourtTV (60 minutes). This documentary, directed by Lawrence Schiller, premiered on this date.
6/24/06 Patsy Ramsey Dies. Patsy Ramsey dies in Roswell, GA at 49 after a long battle with ovarian cancer. Family lawyer Lin Wood said she had fought hard to stay alive because she wanted to see the person who killed her 6-year-old daughter captured.
6/21/06 Articles of Incorporation Filed for Patsy Ramsey Ovarian Cancer Foundation, Inc.
3/24/06 Tom Bennett New DA Chief Investigator. Former BPD chief investigator Tom Bennett expected to replace Jim Kolar as DA chief investigator on JBR case.
2/1/06 Ramseys Check Case Status. John and Patsy Ramsey meet with Lacy in Boulder to check in on the status of the investigation.
8/29/05 Kolar Named DA's Lead Investigator. Former Telluride town marshal Jim Kolar named the Boulder County district attorney's lead investigator in the case.
1/6/05 Case of Ramseys v. Fox News Dismissed. United States District Judge Phillip S. Figa issued the opinion.
8/3/04 John Ramsey Loses House Primary Challenge. John Ramsey finishes second among six candidates in GOP primary to be elected to Michigan House.
6/14/04 Who Killed the Pageant Queen? The Prime Suspect Documentary Broadcast (50 minutes). This video is the third part of the Michael Tracey /David Mills documentary trilogy, focusing on the police. It was broadcast in UK on this date (ITV) and in the U.S. on Court TV.
6/4/04 The Ramseys attorney says DNA found in JonBenet's underwear did not match any of 1.5 million samples in an FBI database of convicted violent offenders.
5/1/04 Staff of Gov. Bill Owens meets with group Forums for Justice that wants a special prosecutor appointed in the case.
1/8/2004 DNA Entered into CODIS. DA Lacy confirms that DNA from a spot of blood from JonBenet's underwear has been entered into the FBI's national database. The DNA, which investigators said is from a male who is not a member of the Ramsey family, is the single-most important piece of evidence in the case, Ramsey attorney L. Lin Wood says.
6/23/03 Investigator Tom Bennett starts work at Lacy's office, where he will work on the investigation 20 to 30 hours a week.
6/4/03 BPD Press Release: Unlawful e-mails sent under Chief Beckner's name (Ramsey Update #86).
5/20/03 Delmar England Open Letter to Boulder DA Mary Keenan. Amateur sleuth writes a lengthy detailed rebuttal of intruder evidence and challenges Lou Smit's claim that the garrote was sophisticated; England argues that all evidence points to the Ramseys as the crime scene and RN are clearly staged.
4/7/03 Mary Keenan Statement on Carnes Opinion. Boulder DA Mary Keenan issues statement: I agree with the Court's conclusion that the weight of the evidence is more consistent with a theory that an intruder murdered JonBenet than it is with a theory that Mrs. Ramsey did so.
3/31/03 Judge Julie Carnes Ruling in Chris Wolf Libel Suit. Federal district judge Julie Carnes issues 93-page ruling in which she dismisses a libel-slander lawsuit brought against the Ramseys by Boulder journalist Chris Wolf, concluding that Wolf had failed to prove that Patsy Ramsey had killed JonBenet; the judge says that evidence in the suit is more consistent with a theory that an intruder murdered JonBenet than it was with a theory that Mrs. Ramsey did.
12/26/02 New District Attorney Mary Keenan (now Mary Lacy) takes over investigation from Boulder Police Department.
12/20/02 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Investigation Takes New Direction (Ramsey Update #85).
9/2/02 Santa Bill McReynolds Dies.
3/28/02 McMenamin Book Published. Gerald R. McMenamin and Dongdoo Choi. Forensic Linguistics: Advances in Forensic Stylistics. Includes a chapter that concludes Patsy did not write the RN.
3/12/02 Holmes & Holmes Book Published. Robert M. Holmes and Stephen T. Holmes. ?Profiling Violent Crimes: An Investigative Tool (Paperback). Includes a chapter on JonBenet Ramsey case, including an analysis of the ransom note.
2/1/02 Patsy Ramsey Cancer Recurs. Family attorney says doctors have diagnosed a recurrence of ovarian cancer in Patsy Ramsey. She was first diagnosed in 1993.
12/17/01 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Expense Memo.
12/17/01 BPD Press Release: Police mark fifth anniversary of investigation. Ramsey Update #84.
12/1/01 Douglas Book Released in Paperback. John Douglas The Cases That Haunt Us: From Jack the Ripper to JonBenet Ramsey. The FBI's Legendary Mindhunter Sheds Light on the Mysteries That Won't Go Away.
10/3/01 BPD Press Release: Boulder Police determine that online [Jazzy] confession to Ramsey murder was hoax. Ramsey Update #83.
8/1/01 Walker Book Published. John H. Walker. JonBenet Ramsey: The Travesty of Innocence-Now Hear the Truth. Author provides case against John and Patsy Ramsey.
5/30/01 Arndt Trial Begins. New York Times reports that a lawsuit by Linda Arndt, the first detective to arrive at the house where JonBenet Ramsey was found dead in 1996, has gone to trial in Denver. She is seeking damages from Chief Mark Beckner; his predecessor, Tom Koby; and the city for barring her from publicly challenging media reports that suggested she was responsible for problems in the investigation.
5/4/01 Katie Couric Interviews Lou Smit on Today Show. Part 5: For JonBenet and For the Case.
5/3/01 Katie Couric Interviews Lou Smit on Today Show. Part 4: Ransom Note Points to Intruder.
5/2/01 Katie Couric Interviews Lou Smit on Today Show. Part 3: JonBenet Was Strangled.
5/1/01 Expenses update. Ramsey Update #82.
5/1/01 Katie Couric Interviews Lou Smit on Today Show. Part 2: The Killer Used a Stun Gun.
4/30/01 Chief Mark Beckner responds to media questions about Lou Smit television appearance. Ramsey Update #81.
4/30/01 Katie Couric Interviews Lou Smit on Today Show. Part 1: An Intruder Killed JonBenet.
3/29/01 The Ramseys file an $80 million libel and defamation lawsuit against Thomas and unidentified officers at the Boulder Police Department. Attorneys for Thomas subsequently agreed to an undisclosed settlement in the case.
2/20/01 Burglar Assaults John Ramsey at Atlanta House. Police report.
1/1/01 Ramsey Book Released in Paperback. John and Patsy Ramsey. The Death of Innocence.
11/15/00 Thomas Book Published in paperback. Steve Thomas. JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation from a leading detective on the Case (Paperback). Author provides case against Patsy Ramsey.
11/14/00 John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker publish The Cases That Haunt Us: From Jack the Ripper to JonBenet Ramsey. The FBI's Legendary Mindhunter Sheds Light on the Mysteries That Won't Go Away.
10/19/00 Westwood Article by Juliet Wittman. Justice, Boulder Style. In-depth examination of Steve Thomas's role and views about the JBR investigation.
8/30/00 BPD Press Release: Expenses update (Ramsey Update #80).
8/29/00 BPD Press Release: Boulder Police Chief comments on Ramsey interviews (Ramsey Update #79).
8/28/00 Investigative Reports Jonbenet: Anatomy Of An Investigation Documentary Broadcast. A&E (60 minutes). This documentary, directed by Lawrence Schiller, premiered on this date.
8/1/00 BPD Press Release: Boulder Police Chief responds to questions about 1997 sexual assault case (Ramsey Update #78).
7/1/00 Hodges Book Published. Andrew G. Hodges. Who Will Speak for JonBenet? A New Investigator Reads Between the Lines. Author provides case against Patsy Ramsey.
6/28/00 Ramsey interviews with Michael Kane (Atlanta, GA).
6/15/00 Chris Wolf amends his 5/11/00 suit against Ramseys to add claims for libel and slander.
5/31/00 Ramseys and Thomas on Larry King Live. John and Patsy Ramsey and former Detective Steve Thomas square off on CNN's Larry King Live. Patsy tells Thomas that he is going down the wrong path with allegations that she killed JonBenet in an explosive encounter over a bed-wetting incident.
5/24/00 Statement from Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner regarding Ramsey news conference Ramsey Update #77.
5/24/00 Ramseys Release Polygraph Results. The parents of JonBenet Ramsey released the results of polygraph tests today that they said should remove any suspicion that they were involved in the killing of their 6-year-old daughter.
5/15/00 BPD Press Release: Boulder Police end investigation into California woman Nancy Krebs. Ramsey Update #76.
5/11/00 Chris Wolf filed suit against John and Patsy Ramsey alleging intentional affliction of emotional distress because he was named in their book and on national TV as a possible suspect in the case.
5/9/00 Ramseys Sue Windsor House for Defamation of Burke. Ramseys file suit against Windsor House and authors for publication of A Little Girl's Dream by Eleanor von Duyke and Dwight Wallington in Travis County Texas district court for $11 1/2 million dollars in compensatory and punitive damages for libeling Burke Ramsey.
5/5/00 Thomas Book Published. Steve Thomas. JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation from a Leading Detective on the Case. Author provides case against Patsy Ramsey.
4/29/00 Daily Camera Guest Editorial by Evan Ravitz. Boulder Daily Camera publishes guest editorial by Evan Ravitz: Nothing what it seems in Ramsey case suggesting the possibility a Boulder sex ring was involved in JBR's death.
4/25/00 BPD Press Release: No Polygraph exams scheduled for John and Patsy Ramsey Ramsey Update #75.
4/21/00 Darnay Hoffman dismissed his complaint of March 2000 against John and Patsy Ramsey.
4/17/00 John and Patsy Ramsey Lie Detector Tests. Gerard Toriello tests on Patsy Ramsey for 4 hours and John Ramsey for 2 hours; results inconclusive.
4/11/00 BPD Press Release: Statement from Police Chief Mark Beckner regarding polygraph tests in the Ramsey case (Ramsey Update #74).
4/10/00 BPD Press Release: Boulder Police Chief responds to Ramsey-related media questions (Ramsey Update #73).
3/19/00 Newsweek Article. The Intruder Theory.
3/17/00 Barbara Walters Interviews Ramseys. In an ABC interview with Barbara Walters, Ramseys profess their innocence.
3/17/00 Ramsey's Book Published. John and Patsy Ramsey. The Death of Innocence: The Untold Story of JonBenet's Murder and How Its Exploitation Compromised the Pursuit of Truth. Authors argue that an intruder did it.
3/16/00 McReynolds Denies Killing JBR. Bill McReynolds released a statement Wednesday saying neither he nor his wife had anything to do with the December 1996 killing of JonBenet Ramsey. He criticized John and Patsy Ramsey for casting suspicion on him in their new book, The Death of Innocence.
3/9/00 BPD Detectives Interview Krebs Therapist. Boulder Daily Camera publishes Boulder police interview therapist.
3/1/00 Hoffman Defamation Suit. New York attorney Darnay Hoffman filed suit, again on his own behalf as plaintiff, against defendants John and Patsy Ramsey in the Supreme Court of New York, County of New York, for $ 25,000,000 in damages based on the allegation that he was defamed by certain passages in the defendant's Book.
2/27/00 Perfect Murder, Perfect Town Movie Broadcast. Perfect Murder, Perfect Town (90 minutes) premiered on this date in theaters nationwide.
2/26/00 Boulder Daily Camera publishes an article saying therapist backs Krebs sex-ring claim; Client gave Boulder police names of people who are witnesses in JonBenet's death.
2/25/00 Nancy Kreb Sex Abuse Revelations. Boulder Daily Camera publishes DA pursues new Ramsey lead: Hunter asks police to investigate woman's story of sex abuse.
2/16/00 Getting Away with Murder: The JonBenet Ramsey Mystery (90 minutes), a made-for-TV movie, premiered on this date.
2/15/00 Article in Brill's Content. Katherine Rosman. JonBenet, Inc.
11/29/99 Major Boulder Weekly Article. Frank Coffman. What I Saw at the Feeding Frenzy provides a detailed account of the media frenzy and various reporters/book authors who covered the JBR case.
11/17/99 Whites Letter to CU Board of Regents regarding activities of Professor Michael Tracey.
11/9/99 Bomb Threat at Access Graphics. Some 500 employees at Access Graphics, 1426 Pearl St., were evacuated from their offices after a male caller phoned in the threat at 1:30 p.m. Boulder police said there was no indication the call was related to John Ramsey, the company's founder. He had left the company by 1997.
11/5/99 Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey? Prime Suspects Documentary Broadcast. CourtTV. This documentary premiered on this date.
11/1/99 Schiller Paperback Version Published. Stephen Singular. Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: The Uncensored Story of the JonBenet Murder and the Grand Jury's Search for the Final Truth.
10/27/99 Governor Bill Owens made a statement on the JonBenet Ramsey murder case.
10/15/99 Ravitz Letter to Colorado AG Ken Salazar. Ravitz writes a letter to AG requesting investigation of the possibility that pedophiles- who we he and Dr. McDonald named but redacted - in very high places in Boulder derailed the investigation in the first hours, possibly by calling off the FBI from immediately assuming its jurisdiction over an apparent kidnapping by a small foreign faction of the child of a Lockheed-Martin executive.
10/13/99 Grand Jury Adjourns. The grand jury disbands, and Hunter announces, We do not have sufficient evidence to warrant a filing of charges against anyone who has been investigated at this time.
10/8/99 Colorado ACLU Agrees to Take Ravitz Case. After reviewing Ravitz's motion to Judge Hale, Colorado ACLU Intake Director Simon Moles informs Ravitz by phone that Colorado ACLU would take his case should a future grand jury consider the Ramsey matter.
10/7/99 Judge Bailin denies the appeal of Ravitz's petition to appear before the GJ to testify about a Boulder sex ring. Ravitz asserts he received this denial sunsequent to the hearing due to the Court's special normal mailing process stamped on the document.
9/30/99 John Ramsey's grown children, John Andrew Ramsey and Melinda Ramsey Long testify before the grand jury.
9/28/99 Ravitz Meets with ACLU Board. Ravitz attended a meeting of the board of directors of the Boulder chapter of the ACLU to discuss his failed petitions and was told to contact the Colorado ACLU office.
9/27/99 Ravitz Files Motion to Vacate Grand Jury No-Contact Order. Evan Ravitz hand-delivers a motion to insure citizen rights guaranteed by Colorado Revised Statute 16-5-204 for Judge Hale. This motion sought to vacate Judge Daniel Hale's Grand Jury no-contact order, with copies sent to both the DA's office and the District Court Clerk's office.
9/23/99 Ravitz Submits Letter to Grand Jury Foreman. Ravitz hand-delivers to GJ Foreman James Plese a letter similar to his 9/20/99 request to Michael Kane to testify before GJ about a Boulder sex ring, with copies sent to both the DA's office and the District Court Clerk's office. Ravitz asserts he never received a reply from Plese, nor any indication that his correspondence was received.
9/23/99 Ravitz Appeals Denial of Petition to Testify Before Grand Jury. Ravitz hand-delivers for Judge Bailin an appeal of the DA's denial of his petition to appear before the GJ to testify about a Boulder sex ring.
9/23/99 Grand Jury Reconvenes. Grand jury returns to work for the first time since May 25; during the time off, investigators were collecting additional DNA evidence.
9/20/99 DA Denies Evan Ravitz Petition to Testify Before Grand Jury. Alex Hunter and Michael Kane deny Ravitz's petition to testify before GJ regarding a possible child sex ring in Boulder to the DA's office.
9/20/99 Evan Ravitz Petitions to Testify Before Grand Jury. 21-year-old citizen activist Evan Ravitz hand-delivers to prosecuting attorney Michael Kane a request to testify before GJ regarding a possible child sex ring in Boulder to the DA's office. This letter offers specific evidence that Mr. XXX, a highly ranked official in Boulder City government was involved in child pornography and argues If indeed a network of highly-connected pedophiles exists here as in Belgium and France, Mr. XXX or others could have acted to keep sincere FBI investigators away. Mr. XXX is not named publicly, but his actual name was provided to DA.
9/17/99 Arndt Tells ABC She Knows Killer. Arndt appears on ABC's 20/20 and reiterates she is certain she knows the killer but that it is inappropriate to say the name so long as the case is under investigation.
9/13/99 Arndt Claims She Knows Killer. Arndt appears on Good Morning America claiming she knows what happened the night JonBenet was killed. In the five-part interview she says she knows who killed the girl but does not reveal the name.
9/7/99 Dr. Robert McFarland Petitions to Testify Before Grand Jury. Child sexual abuse expert Dr. Robert McFarland sends his request to testify to the DA regarding a possible child sex ring in Boulder. He includes a copy of his Spring 1994 article about the Children of God cult (He was denied, then submitted his appeal to Judge Bailin, which was denied as well).
8/16/99 JonBenet Ramsey Foundation Form 990 Filed.
8/5/99 Judge Gives Stern Warning to Two Who Contacted Grand Jurors. Evan Ravitz and Bob MacFarland had provided eight of the 12 jurors portions of true-crime writer Stephen Singular's book Presumed Guilty which theorizes that that the 6-year-old girl might have been killed by someone involved in a child pornography ring.
7/1/1999 Singular Book Published. Stephen Singular. Presumed Guilty An Investigation into the JonBenet Ramsey Case, the Media, and the Culture of Pornography. Author argues that an intruder did it.
6/28/99 Singular Book Chapters Sent to 8 Members of Grand Jury. Dr. Robert McFarland and Evan Ravitz mail copies of chapters 10 and 20 of the book to the homes of the 8 Grand Jurors whose addresses were in the phone book. These were sent after GJ foreman told McFarland and Ravitz that he never received the book that had been sent to him via Boulder DA.
6/9/99 Ramseys Move From Atlanta Home. The Daily Camera reports that John and Patsy Ramsey have moved from their Atlanta home to an unknown location in the aftermath of intensive media scrutiny.
5/19/99 Burke Ramsey is secretly questioned by the grand jury. The next day Boulder authorities publicly affirm he is not a suspect, only a witness.
5/5/99 Grand Jury Investigators Explore Sex Ring Allegations. Det. Tom Wickman and Tom Trujillo, the Grand Jury investigators, interviewed child sexual abuse expert Dr. Robert McFarland and citizen activist Evan Ravitz for an hour about their theory regarding a Boulder sex ring.
4/8/99 A six-month extension of the grand jury's investigation is granted.
3/24/99 Patsy Ramsey Sells Michigan Vacation Home. Patsy Ramsey sold Charlevoix house for an undisclosed amount.
3/18/99 Arndt Resigns. Boulder police Detective Linda Arndt the first detective at the Ramsey house on 12/26/96 resigns. She has endured stinging criticism and ridicule because of what she did and didn't do once she arrived on the scene and later sues her then-boss police chief Tom Koby for not publicly coming to her defense and for not letting her defend herself.
3/17/99 Five alternate grand jurors who had been hearing evidence in the case since September 1998 are sent home.
2/27/99 Schiller Predicts Indictment But No Ramsey Conviction. At an event with an audience of 250 at the Boulder Public Library, Lawrence Schiller asserted: I think there will be an indictment. But I think it will be very difficult to prevail against a member of the Ramsey family.
2/25/99 Whites Criticize Schiller Book. Fleet and Priscilla White, in a rare public statement, delivered a letter to the Daily Camera calling author Lawrence Schiller's book "a disorderly amalgam of police evidence, facts, lies and gossip."
2/18/99 Lawrence Schiller. Perfect Murder, Perfect Town The book first becomes available in bookstores on this day.
2/15/99 Newsweek Publishes Excerpts from Schiller Book. The February 22 issue containing excerpts of Schiller's book.
2/12/99 Thomas Book Announced. St. Martin's Press announced that former detective Steve Thomas signed a six-figure deal to co-author a book with Boulder County resident Don Davis, the book is expected to be published late this year.
2/2/99 Dr. Robert McFarland conducts radio interview with Donald Freed, author of Killing Time about the OJ Simpson case and screenwriter for the movie Executive Action about the JFK assassination--about evidence that FBI was asked to stand down on the morning JBR was found missing suggesting a high-level cover-up effort.
1/28/99 Santa Bear Plea. Hunter asks public's help in locating manufacturer of a toy bear in a Santa Claus suit reportedly found in JonBenet's room.
12/11/98 Freelance photographer Frank Coffman was allegedly assaulted by John Ramsey outside Pasta Jay's restaurant.
12/3/98 Five Ramsey family members have been asked to provide DNA samples to authorities. The five are not considered suspects. Sources say authorities want the DNA to see if it can be linked to unmatched DNA found in the Ramsey home.
12/1/98 The Denver Post reports the grand jury will meet just once in December and then take the rest of the month off.
10/29/98 "Grand jurors tour former Ramsey home".
10/20/98 John Ramsey Deposition in Stephen Miles Libel Case. John Ramsey returns to Colorado for a deposition in a civil case filed against him and the National Enquirer by photographer Stephen Miles. Miles has accused Ramsey and the paper of libel and slander after two 1997 articles labeled him a pedophile and used an unnamed source who said Ramsey believed the photographer killed his daughter.
10/16/98 Free-lance photographer Randy Simons apprehended walking nude in Genoa, CO.
10/15/98 BPD Press Release: Statement from News Conference on October 14, 1999 Mark Beckner, Chief of Police (Ramsey Update #72).
10/13/98 Grand Jury Begins Hearing Forensic Evidence. Grand jury begins hearing forensic evidence, including analysis of handwriting, DNA and hair and fibers found at the scene.
10/11/98 BPD Press Release: Updated Ramsey homicide expenses Ramsey Update #71.
9/28/98 John Ramsey Letter. This letter was written in response to Lou Smit's resignation.
9/27/98 Former detective Steve Thomas gives his first interview to ABC 20/20 since his resignation calling the case very disheartening.
9/27/98 Ramsey family lawyer Hal Haddon demands Boulder police shift their focus from his clients.
9/20/98 Lou Smit quits DA's Office. His resignation letter asserted John and Patsy Ramsey didn't kill their daughter and that a very dangerous killer is still out there.
9/15/98 Grand Jury convenes. The Boulder County grand jury begins hearing evidence in JonBenet's death;
9/10/98 Major Westword Article. Chris Lamorte. The Mom Squad. In-depth examination of Mrs. Brady's URLs and other Internet discussion groups that arose to discuss and debate the JBR case.
8/21/98 Geraldo Rivera Live Broadcast. Enhanced 911 reveals Burke Ramsey speaking in background.
8/20/98 Sources tell The Denver Post that an enhanced version of the 911 call Patsy Ramsey made the morning she found the ransom note includes Burkes voice in the background.
8/17/98 Letter from Fleet Russell White Jr. and Priscilla Brown White to the people of Colorado.
8/12/98 Case Will Go To Grand Jury. Colorado Gov. Roy Romer announces, and Hunter confirms, the Ramsey case will be going to a grand jury. Romer refuses a second request to appoint special prosecutor. Hunter says he will give the case to a grand jury.
8/7/98 Joint Statement from the Boulder Police Department and the Boulder District Attorneys Office Ramsey Update #70.
8/6/98 Ramsey detective Steve Thomas resigns. A statement from Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner includes full text of resignation letter, which Denver Post characterizes as stinging. The letter says Hunter's office is thoroughly compromised and has crippled the case. Thomas charged critical evidence had not been collected and maintained that other evidence wasn't tested. Ramsey Update #69.
8/1/98 McLean Book Published. Linda Edison McLean. JonBenet's Mother: The Tragedy and the Truth! Author argues that an intruder did it.
7/13/98 Major Article in Newsweek. Daniel Glick, Sherry Keene-Osborn and Andrew Murr. The Door the Cops Never Opened.
7/9/98 JonBenet's America Documentary Broadcast. A&E. This 52-minute documentary, produced by Michael Tracey and David Mills, premiered in the U.S. on this date.
7/1/98 Wecht Book Published. Cyril H. Wecht and Charles Bosworth, Jr. Who Killed JonBenet? A Leading Forensic Expert Uncovers the Shocking Facts. Author provides case against John and Patsy Ramsey without definitively naming which one killed their daughter.
6/24/98 John and Patsy Ramsey DA Interviews. John and Patsy Ramsey are interviewed separately over three days by investigators and prosecutors from the Boulder County District Attorney's Office.
6/23/98 Beckner Named BPD Police Chief. Although he will become Boulder's new police chief, Cmdr. Mark Beckner says he will remain connected to the Ramsey investigation but warns that the city's most notorious case has no magic answers.
6/10/98 Detective Dan Schuler, representing Boulder DA, questioned Burke Ramsey for 6 hours.
6/3/98 Mark Beckner the lead investigator in the case, reports that he is excited about test results recently received on evidence taken from the Ramsey home. The case now includes 1,058 pieces of evidence.
6/2/98 BPD Press Release: Boulder Police conclude presentation of Ramsey case to the DA. Ramsey Update #68.
6/1/98 Grand Jury expert Michael Kane began working for Boulder DA office as part of the Ramsey prosecution team.
6/1/98 Boulder police spend two days presenting the results of their investigation to Hunter's prosecutorial team and outside advisers, including forensic expert Dr. Henry Lee and DNA specialist Barry Scheck, at the University of Colorado's Coors Events Center. Police present more than 30,000 pages of evidence to 16 criminal justice experts, including Hunter, in hopes the case will be given to a grand jury.
6/1/98 Hodges Book Published. Andrew Hodges. A Mother Gone Bad The Hidden Confession of JonBenet's Killer.
5/27/98 BPD Press Release: Police to present Ramsey case to DA Ramsey Update #67.
5/25/98 Seraph Profile Report on Patsy Ramsey. At the request of the Boulder Police Department, in 1997, Seraph Security Consulting and Training Company in Berwyn delivers a report that concludes Patsy Ramsey is a delusional sociopath who killed her daughter.
5/19/98 Arndt Sues BPD. Detective Linda Arndt, the first detective on the scene in the Ramsey case, sues Koby, alleging he used her as a scapegoat.
5/6/98 BPD Press Release: Boulder Police update Ramsey costs Ramsey Update #66.
3/31/98 Koby announces his retirement and says he will step down as soon as a replacement is found.
3/12/98 BPD Press Release: Police ask District Attorney to convene a grand jury in Ramsey investigation Ramsey Update #65.
2/19/98 BPD Press Release: Statement from Commander Mark Beckner Ramsey Update #64.
2/13/98 Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter says the investigation is hindered by the Ramseys lack of cooperation.
2/6/98 Ramsey House Put Up for Sale. Friends of the Ramseys join to form an investor group to buy the couple's Boulder home. The 15 room Tudor-style house at 755 15th St is put under contract for $650,000.
1/29/98 The Ramseys turn over to police the clothing they were wearing the night before JonBenet was found dead.
1/20/98 Darnay Hoffmans complaint dismissed.
1/16/98 BPD Press Release: Ramsey attorneys decline request for interviews Ramsey Update #63.
1/16/98 Daily Camera publishes letter from Fleet & Priscilla White to Gov. Roy Romer demanding a special prosecutor be named to the Ramsey case. The governor stands by District Attorney Alex Hunter and declines to act on the request.
1/15/98 John and Patsy Ramsey refuse to submit to another round of interviews unless they can review the evidence, a condition unacceptable to police.
1/12/98 Major New Yorker Article by Lawrence Schiller. Justice Boulder Style. The first of two major pieces by Schiller that eventually was turned into his best-selling book Perfect Murder, Perfect Town.
12/8/97 BPD Press Release: City of Boulder and Larry Mason Settle Notice of Claim.
12/5/97 BPD Press Release: Report of Expenses Related to Ramsey Investigation (Ramsey Update #62).
12/5/97 BPD Press Release: Commander Mark Beckner's Statement to Media on December 5, 1997 (Ramsey Update #61). Beckner says in press conference parents remain under an umbrella of suspicion and will be questioned again.
12/3/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Briefing Scheduled for Friday, Dec. 5 (Ramsey Update #60).
11/14/97 New York attorney Darnay Hoffman filed a Complaint in the District Court for Boulder County, Colorado, on his own behalf as a plaintiff, asking that Mr. Hunter be forced to explain why he had not filed murder charges against Mrs. Ramsey.
10/10/97 BPD Press Release: Boulder Police Commander Mark Beckner to manage Ramsey investigation (Ramsey Update #59). Replaces John Eller.
10/10/97 BPD Press Release: Boulder Police Chief Tom Kobys Remarks to Media on Oct. 10, 1997 (Ramsey Update #58). Koby admits mistakes were made early in the case.
10/8/97 BPD Press Release: News Conference Scheduled for Friday, Oct. 10 (Ramsey Update #57).
9/26/97 Police Chief Koby Clears Up Misstatements in News Coverage (Ramsey Update #55).
9/26/97 BPD Press Release: No Ethical Problem or Conflict of Interest Issues Involving Outside Attorneys
9/16/97 Anne Louise Bardach. Who Killed JonBenet? Vanity Fair, September 16, 1997.
9/15/97 First Book About Case Published. Carlton Smith. Death of a Little Princess: The Tragic Story of the Murder of JonBenet Ramsey.
9/8/97 DA Alex Hunter releases photocopy of ransom note.
9/4/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #54.
9/3/97 Full Text of RN Published. The full text of the two-and-one-half-page note was published in The Rocky Mountain News. Prior to its appearance in the Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News and the upcoming Vanity Fair issue, the only known copies of the ransom note were in the hands of the Boulder District Attorney's office, the Ramseys' legal team and the Boulder Police Department.
9/2/97 Patsy Ramsey Calls Larry King Show. Patsy Ramsey called CNN's Larry King Live Tuesday night to complain about how her family has been treated by the tabloid press.
8/19/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Investigation Expenses (Ramsey Update #53).
8/13/97 Full autopsy released.
8/1/97 BPD Press Release: Police to Work with Legal Experts to Prepare Ramsey Case (Ramsey Update #52).
7/29/97 Seraph Report on Ransom Note. At the request of the Boulder Police Department, in 1997, Seraph Security Consulting and Training Company in Berwyn delivers a report that analyzes the ransom note and crime scene evidence; the profile of ransom note writer and killer closely matches Patsy Ramsey.
7/24/97 3 Denver Attorneys to Provide BPD Pro Bono Advice. Dan Hoffman, a past University of Denver Law School dean; Robert N. Miller, a former U.S. Attorney; and Richard N. Baer, of Sherman & Howard, L.L.C. in Denver, have agreed to provide pro bono legal advice to police.
7/23/97 Ramsey steps up his investigation and criticism of police.
7/14/97 Autopsy details released per Court Order.
7/9/97 Ramseys New Home. Ramseys buy new home in Atlanta.
7/3/97 BPD Press Release: Police Conclude Work at Ramsey Home (Ramsey Update #51).
6/30/97 BPD Press Release: Boulder Police and DA Investigators Re-Enter Ramsey Home (Ramsey Update #50).
6/27/97 Ramsey Handwriting Results Revealed. Colorado Bureau of Investigation completes an analysis of the fifth handwriting sample from Mrs. Ramsey. Investigators say Ramsey did not write the note, but the results are inconclusive on his wife.
6/26/97 BPD Press Release: CBI Concludes Investigation of Computers (Ramsey Update #49). CBI's computer crime division determined an intermittent short circuit occurred in the battery backup to a computer chip making it appear that someone had gained access to the computer on June 7.
6/18/07 Foster Letter to Patsy Ramsey. Vassar professor Donald Foster writes a letter to Patsy Ramsey in which he states I know you are innocent.
6/17/97 BPD Press Release: Police Re-enter Ramsey's Boulder Home (Ramsey Update #48).
6/12/97 BPD Press Release: Boulder Police to ask for investigation of possible theft of computer documents (Ramsey Update #47).
6/7/97 War Room Theft. According to BPD, someone gained access to a computer containing Ramsey case information at approximately 1 a.m. on Saturday, June 7. Details at
6/6/97 Ramseys Buy Atlanta Home. Ramseys sign contract to purchase Atlanta home on 2 acres 10 miles from where JBR is buried.
5/22/97 Arrest made in theft of log pages. Ramsey Update #46.
5/20/97 BPD Press Release: Fifth handwriting sample obtained. Ramsey Update #45.
5/20/97 Patsy Ramsey provides fifth handwriting sample.
5/15/97 BPD Press Release. Ramsey Update #44.
5/14/97 The much-anticipated results of additional DNA tests are delivered to Boulder authorities. Sources tell The Denver Post there are no surprises in the report.
5/13/97 BPD Detective Linda Arndt the first to arrive at the murder scene and Detective Melissa Kampf formerly Melissa Hickman are dropped from the case.
5/12/97 District Attorney reacts to Ramsey Ad. Redaction of autopsy report extended Ramsey Update #43.
5/1/97 John and Patsy Ramsey in a rare interview with reporters declare their innocence. I did not kill my daughter, John Ramsey states. His wife states Let me assure you that I did not kill JonBenet.
4/30/97 Statement from Boulder Police Chief Tom Koby and Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter Ramsey Update #42.
4/30/97 Ramsey First Formal Police Interviews. John and Patsy Ramsey have first formal interviews with police at Boulder County Justice Center. Patsy Ramsey is interrogated for over 6 hours. Her husband later is interrogated for approximately two hours.
4/27/97 $100,000 Reward Offered. The Ramseys run a newspaper ad offering a $100,000 reward for information about JonBenet's killer.
4/23/97 BPD Press Release: Boulder Police Department Response To Ramsey Attorneys Letter. Ramsey Update #41.
4/23/97 Ramsey lawyers send scathing letter to BPD accusing police of a lack of objectivity.
4/18/97 Boulder DA Alex Hunter for the first time publicly reveals Ramseys are under an umbrella of suspicion.
4/16/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #40.
4/15/97 BPD Press Release: Fifth Handwriting Sample Requested of Patsy Ramsey. Ramsey Update #39.
4/15/97 The Daily Camera reports that the Ramseys plan to sell their Boulder home and may move to Atlanta.
4/11/97 Patsy Ramsey agrees to provide 4th handwriting sample.
4/10/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #38.
4/8/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #37.
4/3/97 2nd Round of DNA Tests Begin. DNA testing begins at Cellmark Diagnostics in Maryland. This is a second round of testing of DNA in the case. The initial round was conducted at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation labs.
4/3/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #36.
4/2/97 JonBenet Ramsey Foundation Created. John Ramsey is listed as Vice President and Treasurer and Patsy Ramsey is listed as President and Secretary.
3/28/97 Ramseys fired Washington D.C. consultant Patrick Korten as spokesman.
3/20/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #35.
3/15/97 Lou Smit banned from BPDs War Room.
3/12/97 Boulder DA hired retired Colorado Springs investigator Lou Smit to work on investigation. Smit's employment contract is dated March 17, 1997.
3/10/97 BPD Press Release: City confirms Dr. Lee's visit to Boulder (Ramsey Update #34).
3/7/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #33.
3/6/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #32.
3/6/97 Second Charlevoix Search Warrant. Police obtain search warrant for Ramsey house in Charlevoix, Michigan to obtain further handwriting samples of Patsy Ramsey's.
3/6/97 Melinda and John Andrew Ramsey Cleared. Authorities officially clear JB adult half-brother and half-sister John Andrew and Melinda Ramsey as suspects.
3/3/97 Patsy Ramsey gives third handwriting sample.
3/1/97 Lawyer Hired for Burke. University of Colorado law professor Patrick Furman hired to join Patrick Burke in representing Patsy Ramsey.
2/13/97 Alex Hunter Holds a press conference to say soon there will be no one left on the list of suspects but one.
2/5/97 BPD Press Release: Police Seek Information on Author of Letter (Ramsey Update #23).
2/5/97 BPD Press Release: City Calculates Costs for Ramsey Investigation (Ramsey Update #22).
2/4/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #21.
1/30/97 Police obtain search warrant for Ramsey house in Boulder. This document summarizes the investigation (including 3 prior warrants) as of this time. An inventory of property taken between 1-30-97 and 2-5-97 pursuant to that warrant is included in the warrant itself, but a transcribed version is at
1/24/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #20.
1/24/97 Fact Sheet on Investigation Statistics Ramsey Update #19.
1/23/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #18.
1/22/97 Ramseys Refuse Lie Detector Test. Ramsey family reportedly refuses to submit to polygraph tests.
1/21/97 Ransom Amount Leaked. Reports reveal the amount of the ransom demand equaled a work bonus Ramsey received.
1/21/97 Police say they have narrowed their list of suspects
1/20/97 Major People Magazine Article. This was People's original story on the case.
1/14/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #17.
1/14/97 Ramseys Hired Handwriting Experts. The media report that the Ramseys have hired their own handwriting analysts to evaluate the ransom note, along with former-FBI agent, John Douglas, known for his work in profiling criminals.
1/13/97 BPD Press Release: City Responds to Unauthorized Publication of Coroner Photos Ramsey Update #16.
1/13/97 Globe Publishes Photos. The Globe publishes leaked photos from the autopsy.
1/10/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #15.
1/10/97 BPD Press Release: Channel 8 to Rebroadcast Community Update and Media Roundtable with Tom Koby Ramsey Update #14.
1/8/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #13.
1/8/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #12.
1/8/97 Burke Interview with Psychologist. John and Patsy took Burke to the Child Advocacy Center in Niwot, Colorado, through arrangements made by the Boulder Police department, to be interviewed by Dr. Suzanne Bernard, a specialist in child psychology.
1/7/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #11.
1/7/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #10.
1/6/97 BPD Press Release Update #09: Next Media Briefing Scheduled.
1/6/97 Search Warrants Sealed. Boulder County District Court Judge Diane McDonald seals Boulder search warrants for 30 days; a Michigan judge sealed Charlevoix search warrant.
1/6/97 Website Created. Ramseys created a Website about the case.
1/5/97 Supposedly Staged Church Appearance by Ramseys.
1/4/97 First Charlevoix Search Warrant. Police obtain search warrant for Ramsey house in Charlevoix, Michigan.
1/4/97 BPD Sergeant Larry Mason removed from investigation after accusations of leaking information to the press.
1/4/97 Reports surface that JonBenet's skull was fractured and the ransom note was written on paper from a tablet in the Ramsey home.
1/3/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #08.
1/3/97 Ramseys Moved to Elowsky House. Ramseys moved in with Pasta Jay Elowsky.
1/3/97 House Returned to Family.
1/3/97 Investigators announce that the ransom note appears to have been torn from a tablet of paper found in the house.
1/3/97 Mayor Says Boulder is Safe: Residents shouldn't think killer is wandering streets.
1/2/97 BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #06.
1/2/97 Ramseys Return to Boulder. They stayed with Mike Bynum.
1/1/97 Duct Tape and Cord Details Leaked. A report says JB mouth and throat were wrapped with duct tape. A smooth cord like a parachute cord was found with a slipknot around JB neck sources said. The cord had a piece of wood like a gripping handle at one end that could be used to tighten the noose.
1/1/97 Ramseys CNN Appearance. Ramseys appear on CNN, confirming that John and Patsy each have hired an attorney and that John also hired a private investigator, Ellis Armistead, a former Lakewood police detective and the former chief investigator for the Routt County District Attorney's Office
12/31/96 - ~1:00pm JBR Funeral Following a funeral at Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, JBR was buried in Marietta, GA; she was wearing a pageant gown and glittering tiara.
12/30/96 - ~12:00pm BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #05.
12/30/96 - ~3:00pm Ramseys Hired Attorneys. John Ramsey hired a prominent criminal attorney, Bryan Morgan, and Patsy hired his partner, Patrick Burke. Patrick Korten received a call from Hal Haddon, Bryan Morgan's other partner, and became the Ramsey family official spokesperson.
12/30/96 - 12:00pm Visitation at Funeral Home. 300 Friends and family visited JonBenet at Mayes-Ward Dobbins Funeral Home in Marietta, Georgia.
12/28/96 - 5:00pm Third Boulder Search Warrant. Police obtained search warrant for Ramsey house in Boulder. An inventory of property taken is included.
12/28/96 - ~4:00pm BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #04.
12/29/96 - ~4:00pm Ramseys Flew to Marietta, GA. The family flew to Marietta Georgia, in a private jet, piloted by John Ramsey, for JonBenet's funeral .
12/29/96 - 2:00pm Memorial Service in Boulder. About 200 family members and friends gathered Sunday at St. John's Episcopal Church in Boulder to mourn the girl's death.
12/29/96 - ~8:00am Big Red Boat Cruise. This is the day the Ramseys originally had planned to take their first cruise on Disney's Big Red Boat in celebration of Patsy's 40th birthday on this day.
12/28/96 - ~1:00pm BPD issue Press Release: Ramsey Update #03.
12/28/96 - ~1:00pm In a telephone conversation, the DA chief trial deputy, Peter Hofstrom, asked Meyer if there was any medical reason to retain custody of the body. He said no, he had decided to release the body on Dec. 29, before investigators made their inquiry.
12/28/96 - ~1:00pm The Ramseys met with attorneys Bryan Morgan and Patrick Burke at the Fernies.
12/28/96 - ~1:00pm PR chooses her funeral outfit from a selection of outfits sent to her by a local store.
12/28/96 - ~1:00pm Pam Paugh Retrieves Items from Ramsey Home. Patsy Ramsey's sister, Pam Paugh, returned to the Ramsey house to get some personal belongings, some clothing, and some things appropriate for JonBenet's burial.
12/28/96 - ~12:00pm Shortly after noon that Saturday, without consulting John or Patsy, Bynum told Detective Arndt that the Ramseys would not give any more testimonial evidence without a criminal attorney present, and they would no longer share privileged information with the police. Since he was no longer a criminal attorney, Bynum called Bryan Morgan of Haddon, Morgan and Foreman in Denver, one of Colorado's top firms. By Saturday evening the Ramseys had retained Morgan.
12/28/96 - ~12:00pm Ramsey family goes to Boulder police station to answer questions and give samples of hair, blood and handwriting. These include John Ramsey, John Andrew Ramsey and Burke Ramsey. They were accompanied by an attorney from Haddon, Morgan & Foreman).
12/27/96 - ~8:00pm BPD Press Release: Update on Homicide Investigation.
12/27/96 - ~8:00p Ramseys at Fernies. Ramseys stayed at John and Barbara Fernie house.
12/27/96 - ~21:30pm Arndt/Mason Interview John Ramsey. Det. Linda Arndt and Sgt Larry Mason go to the Fernie residence and talk to JR. Also in the room are Jeff R, R Westmoreland, M Bynum and Dr Beuff. JR tells them there will be a private memorial service in Boulder on Sunday at 2pm after which they will be flying to Atlanta and JBR's funeral will be held on Tuesday. LA says she will telephone Sat am to arrange interviews for JR & PR.
12/27/96 - ~7:00pm JR Visits Crist Mortuary. JR goes to Crist Mortuary to make funeral and transportation arrangements.
12/27/96 - 15:00pm Second Boulder Search Warrant. Police obtained search warrant for Ramsey house in Boulder. An inventory of property taken is included on pp. 5-7 of that warrant, but a transcribed version including links to photos of selected objects is at
12/27/96 - 8:15am Autopsy. Autopsy conducted at 8:15 AM by Dr. John Meyer, Boulder County Coroner with Det. Linda Arndt and Det. Tom Trujillo in attendance.
12/27/96 - 4:15am Officer Adams briefed Reichenbach.
12/27/96 - 4:05am Officer Adams clears scene.
12/27/96 - 3:50am Officer Barklow arrives and is briefed.
12/27/96 - 3:50am Officer Barklow relieved Officer Scott Adams.
12/27/96 - 2:50am John Ramsey is back up, crying and sobbing at times.
12/27/96 - 2:45am John Ramsey goes back to bed.
12/27/96 - 2:40am John Ramsey gets up and asks for two pills and walks around crying.
12/27/96 - 2:35am Patsy Ramsey goes back to bed.
12/27/96 - 2:00am Patsy gets up to go to the bathroom. She is drowsy and dazed. Sobs every once in a while. At times needs to be supported.
12/27/96 - 1:50am Patsy gets up and asks if someone is with her son, Burke. She also asked for more pills and says I just want to stay asleep. She also asks if all the doors and windows are locked. She is drowsy and drugged.
12/27/96 - 00:20am John and Patsy Ramsey fall asleep on the living room floor.
12/27/96 - 00:05am Both Patsy and John get valium.
12/27/96 - 00:01am John Ramsey returned from the airport.
12/26/96 - 11:44pm Detective Arndt Left. Detective Linda Arndt was last to leave the house.
12/26/96 - 10:45pm JBR body removed from house.
12/26/96 - ~10:30pm Patsy Ramsey emerged from the east bedroom at 1950 Teacup.
12/26/96 - 10:28pm Patsy's sisters and brother-in-law arrive at the house.
12/26/96 - 10:25pm Patsy got up and asked where her husband was and where her son was. She then sobbed. Why did they do this? Why did they do this? She asked for valium.
12/26/96 - 9:20pm Officer Scott Adams briefed Commander Eller.
12/26/96 - 9:15pm John Ramsey left to go to DIA to pick up his brother Jeff from Atlanta.
12/26/96 - 9:00pm John Ramsey laid down with Patsy.
12/26/96 - ~8:30pm After examining the body, Dr. Meyer left the residence at approximately 8:30 p.m.
12/26/96 - ~8:20pm Dr. Meyer viewed the body in the living room of the house. The decedent was laying on her back on the floor, covered by a blanket and a Colorado Avalanche sweatshirt. On removing these two items from the top of the body the decedent was found to be lying on her back with her arms extended up over her head. The head was turned to the right. A brief examination of the body disclosed a ligature around the neck and a ligature around the right wrist. Also noted was a small area of abrasion or contusion below the right ear on the lateral aspect of the right cheek. A prominent dried abrasion was present on the lower left neck.
12/26/96 - 8:20pm Police obtain search warrant for Ramsey premises and vehicles in Boulder.
12/26/96 - 8:20pm Dr. Meyer entered the Ramsey residence at approximately 8:20pm according to his autopsy report.
12/26/96 - 7:50pm John Ramsey says I am sorry, I am so sorry while sobbing.
12/26/96 - ~7:40pm John Ramsey takes a walk with John Fernie and Dr. Beuf.
12/26/96 - 7:11pm Officer Scott Adams arrives and stays with the Ramseys.
12/26/96 - 7:11pm Officer Morgan leaves the Ramseys.
12/26/96 - 6:50pm Officer Adams relieved Officer Morgan who was staying with the Ramseys.
12/26/96 - ~4:45pm John Ramsey hired Attorney Mike Bynum. Michael Bynum, John Ramsey's close friend and corporate attorney, who had been away snowshoeing, now arrived at the Fernies house. As he walked in, the family was kneeling in the living room praying with Rev. Hoverstock. John went for a walk with John Fernie in the hills. After returning, Ramsey asked Bynum to represent him.
12/26/96 - 2:35pm Ramsey residence was empty by this time.
12/26/96 - 2:30pm Det. Arndt visits the Ramseys at the Fernies house.
12/26/96 - ~2:15pm Burke Interviewed Det. Patterson at the White's house; Burke reportedly had slept through the events of the previous night .
12/26/96 - 1:50pm House Secured.
12/26/96 - 1:45pm FBI agent Ron Walker arrives at Ramsey residence.
12/26/96 - 1:45pm Sgt. Larry Mason arrives at Ramsey residence.
12/26/96 - 1:45pm Officer French leaves the residence for the second time and Officer Weiss and Shunk secured the front and back of the house.
12/26/96 - 1:45pm Ramseys Leave for Fernies. The Ramseys left their home to stay with the Fernies, including JR, PR, JAR, MR and her boyfriend SL. Attorney friend Mike Bynum advised them to get lawyers.
12/26/96 - ~1:45pm John Ramsey's children arrive.
12/26/96 - ~1:45pm John Ramsey signed search form.
12/26/96 - 1:40pm John Calls Pilot. Det. Bill Palmer overheard John Ramsey making arrangements to fly to Atlanta over the phone at 13:40.
12/26/96 - 1:30pm Priscilla White Calls Niece. Priscilla White calls her niece at the White home, to report the murder.
12/26/96 - 1:30pm Walker and Mason Searched Basement. Mason decides to secure the house.
12/26/96 - 1:30pm John Ramsey phones Gary Merriman.
12/26/96 - 1:29pm Det. Arndt received a page stating her call was received by Weld County.
12/26/96 - 1:22pm Officer Morgan relayed Officer French from the BPD to the scene at 755 15th Street.
12/26/96 - ~1:20pm Officers Weiss and Everett, lead crime scene investigator, arrive between 1:05 pm and 1:30 pm
12/26/96 - 1:15pm Det. Arndt received a page from communications.
12/26/96 - 1:12pm Det. Arndt grabbed a cellular phone in the kitchen and dialed 911 and reached dispatcher Santiago.
12/26/96 - 1:05pm Det. Arndt saw Fleet White run from the area of the basement door to the den.
12/26/96 - 1:05pm Officer Barry Weiss, Sgt. Dave Kicera were dispatched back to the residence because the child's body had been located.
12/26/96 - 1:05pm After the discovery of the body, Everett walked through the basement area of the house, including the wine cellar to attempt to determine if any person were present in the basement.
12/26/96 - 1:05pm Arndt Requested Backup. Arndt quickly called for backup, declaring a Code Black --police lingo for murder--over the radio. The forensic team returned to the house.
12/26/96 - 1:05pm John Ramsey carried JBR upstairs, setting her down on the floor. Though it's unclear why, Arndt then picked up the body again and moved it to the living room near the Christmas tree where Ramsey knelt beside her, repeating My little angel, over and over. Friends carried Patsy, too stunned to walk, over to the body.
12/26/96 - 1:05pm Byfield Notified. BPD officer Jim Byfield is notified that JBR body had been found.
12/26/96 - ~1:05pm Fleet White Calls for Ambulance. Within a few minutes of going into basement, Fleet White came running upstairs, grabbed the telephone in the back office located on the first floor, and yelled for someone to call an ambulance.
12/26/96 - ~1:04pm Duct Tape Removed. JonBenet had black duct tape covering her mouth, a cord around her neck that was attached to a wooden garrote, and her hands were bound over her head in front of her; she was covered by a light-colored blanket. John Ramsey ripped the duct tape off her mouth and attempted to untie her hands.
12/26/96 - 1:04pm JBR Body Found. John Ramsey entered the room first, turned on the light and, upon discovery of JonBenet's dead body, he exclaimed Oh my God, my baby.
12/26/96 - ~1:00pm John Ramsey & Fleet White Search Basement.
12/26/96 - ~1:00pm Arndt suggested to Fleet White that he and John Ramsey check the house from top to bottom.
12/26/96 - ~1:00pm Arndt Tells John Ramsey to Search House. The mood in the house was quiet and tense. John Ramsey milled anxiously around the living room; Patsy sat virtually motionless in a chair.
12/26/96 - 12:30pm Det. Arndt phoned Larry Mason at BPD.
12/26/96 - 12:30pm Det. Arndt notices John Ramsey to be by himself.
12/26/96 - 10:45am Representatives from the FBI arrive at the BPD.
12/26/96 - 10:30am All additional police officers and victim advocates other than Linda Arndt and family members and friends leave the Ramsey residence.
12/26/96 - ~10:30am JBR Bedroom Sealed. JonBenet's bedroom had been sealed off by Detectives Arndt and Fred Patterson.
12/26/96 - 10:07am Det. Everett and Det. Byfield respond to the Ramsey residence.
12/26/96 - 10:00am No one mentioned to Det. Arndt that the suspected kidnappers had not called within the designated time period.
12/26/96 - 9:50am Det. Everett and Det. Byfield met with Gary Merriman at Access Graphics.
12/26/96 - 9:45am Det. Jeff Kithcart arrived at the Boulder Police Department.
12/26/96 - ~9:30am Sergeant Whitson arrived. BPD Sergeant Bob Whitson arrived at house, entering through rear exterior kitchen.
12/26/96 - 9:30am Ransom Amount Arranged. John Fernie returned to the Ramsey residence after meeting with his banker and arranging to have $118,000 in cash available.
12/26/96 - 9:27am Det Byfield contacted Gary Merriman a list of the employees at Access graphics.
12/26/96 - 9:22am Det Byfield contacted Det. Kithcart to respond to the BPD to assist in the investigation.
12/26/96 - 9:21am Det. Byfield contacted Det. Patterson to tell him that Laurie Vencel, Lafayette State Bank was collecting the money for the ransom.
12/26/96 - ~8:30am Advocates Cleaned Kitchen. After using the kitchen, the advocates began tidying it up, one friend helped clean the kitchen, wiping down the counters with a spray cleaner--and possibly wiping away important evidence. .
12/26/96 - ~8:30am Arndt Instructed John Ramsey. Linda Arndt told John Ramsey what to say if the ransom call came: demand to talk to JonBenet. John Ramsey took notes. Must talk to JB, he scribbled.
12/26/96 - ~8:30am BPD followed standard procedure by putting taps inside the house and at John Ramsey's office.
12/26/96 - 8:21am The three-page ransom note was received into Boulder Police Department property.
12/26/96 - 8:10am Linda Arndt and Fred Patterson arrive at Ramsey house.
12/26/96 - 8:00am Fleet White returned to the White residence with the Fernie children and Burke Ramsey.
12/26/96 - 8:00am Neighbor Scott Gibbons got up and observed a basement door leading into a kitchen area was standing wide open.
12/26/96 - 7:55am Reichenbach meets with BPD Detectives Linda Arndt and Fred Patterson at the Basemar Shopping Center to brief them on the case.
12/26/96 - 7:33am BPD Canine Unit on Standby.
12/26/96 - 7:30am John Ramsey collected $118,000 demanded in the ransom note.
12/26/96 - ~7:30am John Ramsey searched the basement area alone. He found the broken window partially open. Under the broken window, he also saw the same suitcase seen earlier by Mr. White.
12/26/96 - 7:13am Rev. Hoverstock from St. John's Episcopalian Church arrives at Ramsey house just before Burke left for Whites.
12/26/96 - 7:00am Burke Ramsey is awakened and dressed.
12/26/96 - 7:00am Det. Patterson began gathering items he would need at the scene.
12/26/96 - 6:50am Officer Weiss and Officer Barklow photographed and fingerprinted areas of the house. Officer Veitch collected the ransom note.
12/26/96 - 6:45am Priscilla White called niece at White house.
12/26/96 - 6:45am BPD Victim Advocates, arrive at Ramsey house. Early that morning, police had called in a team of victims' advocates, trained in helping families through traumatic situations, who arrived with bagels and coffee.
12/26/96 - 6:45am BPD officers Barry Weiss, Sue Barcklow, and Sgt. Paul Reichenbach arrive at Ramsey house.
12/26/96 - ~6:45am John Ramsey leaves message for his pilot Michael Archuleta who returns the call a few minutes later; Patsy answers the phone.
12/26/96 - 6:40am Officer Barry Weiss arrived at the scene.
12/26/96 - 6:35am Sgt. David Kicera told officer Barry Weiss to respond to the scene.
12/26/96 - 6:35am Linda Arndt receives a call from Sgt. Whitson of a reported kidnapping.
12/26/96 - 6:30am Det. Fred Patterson was contacted by Sgt. Whitson to respond to Boulder.
12/26/96 - ~6:20am Fleet White, Priscilla White, John Fernie, Barbara Fernie at the Ramsey house.
12/26/96 - 6:10am BPD officer Karl Veitch responds to the scene. The police did not seal off the defendants' home, exception the interior of JonBenet's bedroom. Any person in the Ramsey house could, and often did, move freely throughout the home.
12/26/96 - ~6:06am Within 15 minutes of arriving Fleet White went downstairs to basement to look for JBR. He looked in the Train Room where he said a window was broken, with no notation of whether it was open or closed. Under the broken window there was a suitcase along with a broken shard of glass. Mr. White also opened the door to the wine cellar room, but he could not see anything inside because it was dark and he could not find the light switch.
12/26/96 - 6:05am Sgt. Robert Whitson received a page to call watch supervisor Paul Reichenbach.
12/26/96 - ~6:03am Fleet & Priscilla White arrived at Ramsey house.
12/26/96 - ~6:00am Officer French Searched Basement but fails to Search Wine Cellar Room.
12/26/96 - 6:00am Sgt. Paul Reichenbach hears Officer French dispatched.
12/26/96 - 5:59am Officer French arrives at Ramsey house; reads Ransom Note.
12/26/96 - 5:55am Officer French Dispatched and proceeded to 755 15th Street regarding a ransom demand and kidnapping.
12/26/96 - ~5:53am Ramseys phone family friends Fleet and Priscilla White, John and Barbara Fernie immediately after the note was found.
12/26/96 - 5:52am Patsy made 911 call.
12/26/96 - ~5:52am Parents Checked on Burke. After hearing Mrs. Ramsey's scream, Mr. Ramsey ran downstairs and met Mrs. Ramsey in the stairwell. Together, they checked on their son who appeared to be asleep in his room.
12/26/96 - ~5:52am Mr. Ramsey went downstairs to read the Ransom Note, while Mrs. Ramsey called the police, informing them that her child had been kidnapped.
12/26/96 - ~5:45am Ransom Note Discovered. Mrs. Ramsey went down the backstairs towards the second floor, then the spiral stairs towards the ground floor, where, on a step near the bottom of the stairs, she discovered a handwritten note on three sheets of paper that indicated JonBenet had been kidnapped. Mrs. Ramsey immediately screamed and proceeded to check JonBenet's room, which was empty.
12/26/96 - 5:30am John Ramsey Awoke. Patsy Ramsey awoke a few minutes later. While Mr. Ramsey took a shower, Mrs. Ramsey put back on the same outfit she had on the night before and reapplied her makeup. John Ramsey reportedly awoke before Patsy, at about 5:30, and dressed after showering.
12/26/96 - 2:00am Neighbor Melody Stanton heard scream.
12/26/96 - 1:00am Neighbors Adam Vermiere and Luke Vermiere went to bed after watching movies late into the evening. They did not notice or hear anything unusual.
12/26/96 - ~1:00am Brad Millard, Chris Stanley and John Andrew Ramsey returned to the Millard home in Georgia so that John Andrew Ramsey could pick up his mother's vehicle.
12/26/96 - ~12:30am The movie that John Andrew and his friends, Chris Stanley, and Brad Millard were watching ended.
12/26/96 - ~1:00am Stewart Long and Melinda Ramsey returned to the home of Lucinda Johnson in Marietta, Georgia.
12/26/96 - 12:00am Neighbor Sees Lights at Ramseys. Scott Gibbons looked out his kitchen window at the Ramsey residence and observed the upper kitchen lights were on and dimmed low.
12/25/96 - ~10:30pm Patsy Goes to Bed. John Goes to Bed. Defendants claim they were not awakened during the night.
12/25/96 - ~10:00pm JBR Last Seen Alive. And last been seen in her bed.
12/25/96 - ~10:00pm Burke goes to bed.
12/25/96 - ~9:45pm John plays game with Burke.
12/25/96 - ~9:45pm John puts JBR to bed.
12/25/96 - ~9:30pm Ramseys arrive home.
12/25/96 - ~8:45pm Ramseys Left Party. On the drive home from the party, JonBenet and her brother Burke fell asleep in the car. Ramseys dropped off gifts at Stewart and Roxy Walker's and Glenn and Susan Stine's house on the way home.
12/25/96 - ~12:00pm John Ramsey Checks on Plane.
12/25/96 - ~6:00am Ramseys Wake Up.
12/25/96 - ~6:00pm White Xmas Party. Ramseys left for Xmas Party at Fleet and Priscilla White's. Nothing out-of-the-ordinary occurred at the party and the Ramsey family appeared happy.
12/25/96 - ~3:00pm John Returns Home from Checking Plane.
12/24/96 - ~9:30pm Ramseys get stashed gifts from basement area.
12/24/96 - ~9:00pm John Ramsey retrieves a brand-new silver girl's bike stored in neighbor Joe Barnhill's garage and places it under the Christmas tree for JonBenet.
12/24/96 - ~8:00pm Ramseys attend twilight service at St. John's Episcopal Church in Boulder.
12/24/96 JonBenet played at her friend Megan Kostantic's house and told Megan's mother, Barbara, about a secret visit from Santa after Christmas.
12/24/96 Article appeared in the Boulder Daily Camera regarding the Ramsey Christmas party.
12/23/96 - 6:47pm Someone attending the Ramsey's Christmas party placed a 911 call; the caller hung up without saying anything. Police call back only to get the Ramsey's answering machine. An Officer goes to the home at 6:54 pm and leaves at 7:09 pm after being assured that there was no emergency.
12/23/96 Ramsey Christmas Party. The Ramseys hosted a Christmas party, with approximately 30 guests attending, and with former journalism professor Bill McReynolds playing Santa Claus.
12/22/96 JonBenet Ramsey appeared in beauty pageant at Southwest Plaza Mall.
12/21/96 Daily Camera business writer Tom Locke publishes article on Access Graphics reaching $1 billion in sales.
12/20/96 JBR appears in Rock Around the Clock performance at High Peaks Elementary School.
12/20/96 Access Graphics had luncheon party to celebrates $1 billion mark for more than 300 employees at the Hotel Boulderado See for further news about this luncheon and its connection to JBR's death.
12/17/96 JonBenet won Colorado's Little Miss Christmas and wins Santa Bear in Denver-area pageant.
12/15/96 Ramsey Christmas letter sent out.
12/15/96 Sometime in December JonBenet tells gardener Brian Scott about John Ramsey: I really miss him. I wish he was around more .
12/13/96 Church Party in Ramsey Home. A party at the Ramsey home on Dec. 13 was attended by more than 150 friends from church.
12/6/96 JonBenet appeared on her own Little Miss Colorado float during the Lights of December Parade on the Boulder Mall; Burke also was in this parade.
11/30/96 40th Birthday Celebration for Patsy.
8/13/96 JonBenet won 2nd Place in Sunburst National Pageant in Atlanta, Georgia.
7/15/96 JonBenet won America's Royale Tiny Miss division title.
4/15/96 The April 1996 issue of Women's Magazine profiled Patsy Ramsey and included a lot of personal information about her and the family.
10/15/95 John Ramsey appeared in Boulder County Business Report.
10/15/95 John Ramsey won the Entrepreneur of Distinction Award.
10/15/95 JonBenet Ramsey won Little Miss Colorado Sunburst.
4/15/95 JonBenet Ramsey won Colorado All-Stars Christmas Pageant.
12/3/94 Historic Homes for the Holidays Tour. The Ramseys house is among 7 included in this holiday tour, culminating in 1500 to 2000 guests walking through the house.
10/15/94 JBR went to plastic surgeon in Denver for scar related to golf club.
1/27/94 Burke Hits JBR with Golf Club on her cheek during his backswing.
6/15/93 Patsy Ramsey Breast Cancer Diagnosis. PR went to Charlevoix Community Hospital for two exams and MRI.
12/23/92 Ramseys bought 1,731 sq ft home in Charlevoix, Michigan for $336,400.
1/8/92 Beth Ramsey Killed. Beth Ramsey killed in automobile accident in Chicago, IL.
11/21/91 Move to Boulder. Ramseys relocated to Boulder from Atlanta.
8/6/90 JonBenet Ramsey Born. Born in Atlanta.
7/1/77 Patsy Ramsey Named Miss West Virginia.

Source: Detailed Timeline - JBRCE