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The JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case

7-10-2024 (posted) CBI IA Case Report

CBI Internal Affairs Investigative Report - Missy Woods - 2/26/2024

Summary Table of DNA Testing Errors

Order Denying Motion to Exclude Expert Testimony

4-18-2024 New Police Chief by Summer
The Daily Camera (shared article)

New Boulder Police Chief for Critical Stakeholders at searchinGirls's Blog

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4-8-2024 DNA Testing Misconduct

Please check out my post about this subject matter based on the podcast Hidden Killers with Tony Brueski. A series of 5 videos in which Dan Krane, PhD. and DNA Expert, breaks down the issues and implications of the behavior of Missy Woods, former CBI DNA Analyst, who was found late last year, to have tampered with DNA testing results over her 29-year career. This discovery has instigated a State-wide comprehensive Audit of her work as well as all forensic personel who followed the standards she implemented.

DNA Testing Misconduct at searchinGirls's Blog

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3-9-2024 A Higher Level of Integrity from Law Enforcement

This Letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Camera Open Forum on March 5, 2024.

"Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center (RMvlc) assists victims with enforcing their Victims’ Rights Act (VRA) rights. While the VRA provides victims meaningful ways to engage in the legal system, it falls short of giving victims the power of prosecution. Unfortunately, when law enforcement fails to act with diligence, victims are harmed."

Call for a higher level of integrity from law enforcement

I am all in with holding BPD to a Higher Level of Integrity; hopefully Boulder Law Enforcement learned its lessons and has now adopted a more circumspect and cautious approach to Victim Justice than they ever did for the Ramseys in the last 27 years. And I hope being cautious with this Case includes a policy of No Leaks to the Press, No Exceptions; especially in the latest chapter of the JonBenet Murder Case.

I mean, Leaks to the Press killed the Case in the early investigation with Steve Thomas leaking the Ransom Note to Vanity Fair and trying to intimidate the Ramseys through the media, as if to elicit a confession on the Larry King Show. Steve Thomas could have learned a thing or two from Lou Smit by standing in the Victim’s Shoes. Instead. I guess he thought the crime would solve itself if he leaked to everybody what he knew instead of what he found (which was practically nothing). By quitting when he did, he gave up on JonBenet - “at the 11th hour, leaving the victim with no access to justice, no remedy for the crime committed against her, no safety, and no power to change the result.” Did Steve Thomas ever consider the implications of his actions on the victim and her family in this case?

The Ramseys finally achieved Victim status in June 2023 with the referral to the Cold Case Review Team. And immediately thereafter Leaks to the Press started to occur with articles carried by The Messenger (now defunct), The Mirror, and The Sun, Twitter/x, etc.; all of them referencing a source inside the Boulder Police Department, followed by News videos of John and John Andrew Ramsey saying a New Cold Case Investigation was underway and they were searchin for the Killer of JonBenet.

Was Boulder Law Enforcement expecting the publicity? How about the more recent coverage that makes Boulder Law Enforcement look so bad? I would think it is at the Ramsey’s discretion to tell what they have been told about their case to whomever they please (unless specifically instructed otherwise), but I can’t understand how the bad publicity will motivate BPD towards a solution. The Daily Camera soon confirmed the Cold Case Review with Official BPD Releases, which offered a level of transparency; however, we are only told what BPD wants us to know. Their official statements should have that Higher Level of Integrity to which they need be held, which also means No Leaks, No Exceptions.

I am saddened by the extent some people will go in claiming they know the “Inside Story” more so than the citizens of Boulder. Should we not hold law enforcement to a higher standard? A leaking source inside BPD has no integrity; and claiming to have inside information from a leaking source within the ranks of BPD also has no integrity. It does not mean that I do not want JonBenet's murder solved; rather, I just want JonBenet's murder solved with Integrity.

Speaking of Integrity, the Cold Case Review was completed and BPD was given a list of action items to follow up on while awaiting more advanced DNA testing. The timing was coincidental with the exposure of the CBI DNA Analyst, Missy Woods. Nobody said before now what she did wrong but I’ve seen in Denver News reports that she “altered data” and “deleted data” intentionally in up to 650 cases; the Special Prosecutor in Kansas is recommending Criminal Charges. I didn’t see Woods’ name in any report included with the Corafiles, however, it’s reported that in addition to being a DNA Analyst, Woods trained people and had full access to all the DNA Databases and Lab Equipment, she was most likely a Supervisor. So, I just have to ask, did she alter and/or delete records in the JBR Case? Of course, Law Enforcement says no, but they have been saying that about several things recently that seem way too coincidental to not have some element of truth to them.

I am curious about the DNA CBI Lab Report dated January 13, 2009 in the Corafiles because it seems like the results were almost made to order. I am so grateful we have the Corafiles and the Bode Lab Reports because at least we can rely on them absolutely as proof of the consistent UM1 profiles. However, it was only a few months after Mary Lacy received a positive report from Bode indicating an intruder, that BPD felt the need to disprove it, discredit Bode Tech, Mary Lacy, and most likely used up all the remaining source DNA in the process. Did Missy Woods sign off on the Report?

This could be a problem. BPD might have requested the additional testing on behalf of Kolar’s theory because I see no justification for it at that particular time. For his book, Foreign Faction, Kolar enlisted the aid of a BPD Criminalist to present his false, not-to-scale One-to-One overlay of the Stun Gun evidence. Could he have done the same with the DNA and Missy Woods? This is speculation that is not outside the realm of possibility.

It is clear that many adjudicated cases in Colorado will now have to be re-evaluated in light of the anomilies found in a DNA Forensic Analyst's work, but were there improprieties in the JBR Case, and will there be Justice for JonBenet anytime soon, if ever? At this point, only the integrity of time will tell.

Time takes everything but the Truth. ~ True Detective

DNA Scientist Testifies

11-12-2023 - Boulder DA Reviews CBI Expert Testimony;
What did She do Wrong?

On 11-6-2023 the following story broke about a CBI forensic scientist who was fired from her position and is being investigated for wrongdoing related to her work. DNA testing by former CBI scientist investigated It is unknown at this time what she did to deserve this discipline, but by all accounts in the article, this is a very serious matter with perhaps far-reaching implications.

On Thursday, 11-9-2023, the Daily Camera ran this story Boulder DA’s Office prepares to review investigation into former CBI scientist with a picture of the scientist, Yvonne "Missy" Woods, giving testimony in Court and referring to a DNA chart pertaing to one of the murder cases she worked on. I find the Chart quite interesting; and for me raises questions about what this chart might say. The chart is not unlike the Tables/Charts I put together from the Bode Reports for the JonBenet Ramsey Case; and, I am glad to see tables and charts like this are used by Forensic DNA Scientists to communicate results of complicated DNA data testing. I am not a forensic scientist, but I formerly worked for some top-notch Scientists and Economists in Boulder who oftentimes preferred having their data presented in this simple format.

The photo of the chart in this Daily Camera article shows the profile of the Suspect on the left, and the profile of the Victim on the right; in the middle is the tested sample of DNA.

DNA Scientist Testifies

When I look at this chart, I notice there are many alleles missing to complete the second profile; only two markers show four alleles in the mixture sample; that is the indication that two people contributed to the mixture. At one of those markers (D8S1179), a value of 14 is shown at one of the alleles; but, the victim does not have a value of 14, at that allele, in that marker.

For that marker (D8S1179), the values of 9 and 13 are attributed to the suspect, and the value of 15 to the victim, but the value of 14 appears to be unattributed and does not belong to either one. Notice the victim also has an allele value of 13 at that marker, but the heading for those columns indicates the source for this sample is "Sperm Fraction from Anal Swabs"; and, I believe it is the result of a process known as Differental Extraction, in which sperm cells are isolated from epithelial cells for male DNA detection, as explained in this presentation by Amy Jeanguenat: DNA 101: Introduction to Forensic DNA Testing & Reporting.

The minor component profile of this mixture sample is weak, with missing alleles. How is the 14 allele value explained? Is it contamination or does it belong to another person entirely? Perhaps it is insignificant, but it is an anomaly as it does not belong to the victim, or the suspect. Is it an anomaly that can be overlooked when testifying about someone's guilt or innocence?

I have to question, when an example such as this is provided, if it is a random example of this scientist's work that she got right? Or, is it an example of something this DNA scientist got wrong? I would love to understand. If you know and are willing to discuss, please email me at the address posted in the header of the page; I will be happy to post your response.

11-1-2023 - Mystery DNA

Two very interesting recent broadcasts, one on the radio Steffan Tubbs Show 10.18.2023, the other on Buried in the Backyard, Season 5, Episode 15, Secrets in the Snow about the 1982 Breckenridge Murders.

Both feature Mitch Morrissey as a leading, crime-solving DNA Legal Expert and his company United Data Connect, saying he went into business with Gregg LaBerge after his tenure as Denver DA because lawyers don't like science or math. He refers to Investigative Genetic Genealogy as Mystery DNA; and, he said on the radio show that he believes the JonBenet Ramsey DNA will be resolved as a major question of probable cause; however, he would not say if he believed the mystery DNA belonged to her killer or not. He has offered his help. This after he said he has about 25 "solved" cases he can't talk about because they are still in the investigative stage, being that he has provided them an answer regarding IGG, but it is up to the submitting agency to close the case with supporting evidence; or, sometimes the case never gets charged.

Along with Morrissey on the Steffan Tubbs Show, who is on his "Farewell Tour" with his last broadcast to be November 3,2023, was UDC's Genetic Genealogist, Joan Hamlin. She assisted UDC in solving and resolving the Park County 1982 Breckenridge Murder Case of Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer and Annette Schnee, the subject matter of the Buried in the Backyard episode. Doing her research, she found the newspaper articles about a man beings rescued atop Guanella Pass the very same night of the murders, who turned out to be the killer, Alan Lee Phillips. But Joan claims not to be a true crime buff. People have encouraged her to join conversations at websleuths and reddit, but she is not interested.

The DNA evidence in this case is of special interest to me because the sample was a blood mixture found on Bobbi Jo's glove dropped at the crime scene. The detectives didn't discover the male DNA until the mid to late 90s and when entered into CODIS, it produced no match. Sound Familiar? It is not unlike the JonBenet Case DNA. I remember Mitch saying on the Craig Silverman Lawyer's Lounge about three years ago that they had gotten the full genome in a double murder case and how excited he was about it.

The Secrets in the Snow story also tells the poignant narrative of Jeff Oberholtzer who for 39 years was considered to be the man who killed his wife and another woman, while the real killer lived nearby not suspected of a thing. There were reasons to suspect Jeff, like handing out a business card to Annette after picking her up hitchhicking and giving her a ride; but still, some people, including a few in Bobbi Jo's family thought he murdered her, and are now begging forgiveness for not keeping an open mind. 39 years is a long time to live with misplaced hatred all around.

10-29-23 - The JonBenet Ramsey Murder Investigation has Turned

JonBenet Ramsey murder to get fresh eyes

A long-awaited review of the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation by the Colorado Cold Case Review Team, with the cooperation of the Boulder Police Department, is set to take place before the year’s end. The decision to submit the case to outside review coincided with the reassignment of a detective who had long held primary responsibility for its investigation. Nicky Andrews, Boulder Daily Camera, JonBenet Ramsey Murder to get Fresh Eyes, Front Page, October 8, 2023

John Wesley Anderson Responds To Boulder Police Department’s Recent Internal Investigation 12-27-2023 in which he makes it very clear;

While the media release did not identify which cases had not been “investigated or fully investigated” two of the five officers who received discipline were Investigations Commanders in charge of the JonBenét Ramsey Homicide Investigation, Commanders Thomas Trujillo and Barry Hartkopp.

JWA speaks of meeting with Boulder authories several times over a few years, which include the years for which the detectives were examined, and each time, the Smit Family Team was dismissed on every point. No progress as made and excuses were given.

I happen to know of a big meeting earlier this summer, at which time the Ramseys and the Smit Family Team and the Boulder Police Department and the Boulder DA's office met. How do I know? I received a message on 5/31/2023 from John Andrew Ramsey:

Pretty big meeting tomorrow. Hopefully something positive comes of it…

I would say something has come of it. Not only has he earned a seat at the Cold Case Team Review Table, JAR now has Control of the available information that a family member has a right to know; and rightfully so, at least in terms of what the family can know about the progress being made solving the murder of his sister.

Believe JAR and what he says.

10-9-23 - Michael Dougherty says They are Focused on Where the JBR Case is Now and the Cold Case Review Moving Forward

About 18 minutes into this video by Jann Scott is when the conversation turns to the JonBenet case. Jann Scott just can't believe the Ramseys are not suspects still since the Grand Jury indicted them, but Dougherty says that is something for Boulder Police Department to address, not him. I don't think Mr. Scott understands the DNA evidence won't change from being the Intruder.

10-8-23 - JonBenet Ramsey murder to get fresh eyes

Boulder Police Department appears to be doing the right thing in finding Justice for JonBenet, it is about time!

10-5-23 - NAACP Boulder County Demands Resignation of Redfearn, Herold over Elijah McClain case

Politics rears it's ugly head once again.

9-29-23 - JBR's Father & Brother Talk About Renewed Interest in Finding Killer

"We are encouraged by this new leadership in our case and are now finally hopeful for progress," John Ramsey tells Westword.

9-28-23 - Michael Dougherty, Boulder DA on the Craig Silverman Show 2-27-2021

Michael Dougherty speaks briefly about the JonBenet Ramsey Case

9-27-23 - Forensic Genetic Genealogical DNA Analysis and Searching

United States Department of Justice Interim Policy, November 1, 2019.

9-24-23 - Craig Silverman Interview with Mitch Morrissey 8-21-2020

Mitch Morrissey discusses what really happened with the Ramsey True Bills and Alex Hunter's decision not to prosecute; he also talks about solving the case with the DNA profile in CODIS; and the possibility of using Forensic Genetic Genealogy to find and identify UM1.

9-20-23 - Stun Gun - Measurements Certification

9-18-23 - One Meaningful Profile UM1 - Based on Bode Findings

9-17-23 - JBRCE pdf Files/pages

9-15-23 - The Profile of a Killer - DNA Profiles Compared

The Murder of JonBenet Ramsey is About Time

A contribution to finding Justice for JonBenet Ramsey, is a repository of information that I have learned and collected about the case since I began discussing it online. Formerly, I managed the JBRCE/JonBenet Ramsey Case Encylopedia most of which I have now converted to pdf files; however I am in the process of restoring them. I found the JBRCE website format limiting. I like to build websites and write code for presentation effect and functionality; so, for now I am structuring data and warehousing information for those who appreciate it. If you want to talk, then contact me at the address above.

9-11-23 - Rising from the Ashes of the World Trade Center

In the aftermath of the rubble of the World Trade Center, crime scene analysts started the tedious work of reconstructing the remains. Evidence collected advanced DNA Identification Technology using databases and software built on DNA profiles; it provided answers to questions some thought they would never know. It evolved into something great and edifying.

I can’t explain, for example, how his wedding band was found and returned to me. It’s a puzzle ring, with four thin interlocking gold bands. How could it have been found in the still-burning pile at Ground Zero? But it was … Eamon’s cousin John Beggins, a New York City police officer assigned to guard Cardinal Egan, was the one who brought me the ring. When I opened the velvet box he handed me, I could see that the ring had come undone, but all the pieces had been found and were intact. Two of the bands were just slightly bent, and there was no hint of any of the gold melting. In a few seconds, I manipulated the pieces and had the ring back in its original form. To me, having this ring returned was a miracle. I viewed it as another “sign” and a message from my husband – a message that everything would be okay and that I can get on with my life.” McEneaney, Bonnie. Messages: Signs, Visits, and Premonitions from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11.

The human value of this story is undeniably great; but the scientific value is equally impressive.
9-11-2003 Bio-IT World Trade Center Article

9-6-23 - Boulder Police Chief Herold on Reimagine Policing Program

Chief Herold has Leadership Skills. I hope she can solve JonBenet's murder soon; as a followup to her Guest Opinion, Boulder City Council approves her Reimagine Policing Plan. Although one has to wonder with new emphasis on preventing crime in Boulder, and lowering the number of arrests, if solving JonBenet's cold case murder will be a priority for the reimagined BPD. Time will tell I guess; however, for JonBenet time has not told anything so far.

Members OK Reimagine Policing Plan, Daily Camera, September 8, 2023.
Meris Herold Guest Opinion Daily Camera, September 6, 2023.

9-1-23 - Lou Smit, True Detective

It's a good thing for everyone to have a Mission Statement and Lou Smit had a philosophy about how to approach and analyze a Crime Scene - through the Victim's Shoes. His Mission Statement is a reflection of goals and values that assist in making decisions and moving forward like a Guiding Light. Lou Smit continued to investigate the JonBenet Ramsey Homicide long after BPD had essentially gone home. And Lou Smit was the Detective who worked with Mary Lacy and her DA Investigative Team in submitting a DNA Profile to CODIS in early 2004.

the Vision of Lou Smit              (c) 2023