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Principles of Forensic DNA for Officers of the Court
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The DNA Profile of ~ UM1

DNA Samples Tested on the Waistband of the White Long Underwear (longJohns)

Searchins DNA Table

All data, including allele values as shown hereon are direct from Bode Lab Reports
Forensic Lab Report March 24, 2008
Forensic Lab Report June 20, 2008

Searchins DNA Table

I made this table from the CORA Files, it proves the existence of an Intruder. Bode Technology was able to confirm the UM1 profile by finding it on an additional item of evidence that fit into a theory. It is significant.

This the DNA STR profile of JonBenet Ramsey's killer, the Intruder. The profile has been entered into the Forensic Unknown database at CODIS. It is the identification of the Intruder. The UM1 profile known as Unknown Male One, or UM1, was found in two blood drops on JonBenet's panties. The profile dicovered on the exterior waistband of JonBenet's white long underwear is considered consistent to the UM1 profile in CODIS. Notice the long underwear profiles are almost completely accounted for by UM1.

Searchins DNA Table

Can anyone explain how these profiles are not a match?

Why we should doubt that? If you doubt the DNA in this case because you think the waistband samples are multiple people, then you have been mislead. There are indications of additional people as noted with the observations of 18 and 6 as can be seen in the Table (more than 4 alleles at a given locus). For the most part, UM1 dominates the sample and Bode Labs called it consistent.

The touch DNA from the long underwear was given a random match probability of 1:6200 in the U.S. Caucasian Population of unrelated individuals. A probabilistic quantification of probabilistic genetic relation. It can be interpreted to mean the longJohn and panties profiles are way more likely to be related, than are the longJohns profile and a false positive match. The formula that can be studied at the SWGDAM (Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods) link below.

Bode Lab Report June 20, 2008
SWGDAM Guidelines 2009

One Meaningful Profile UM1

One Profile

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