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Internal Organs


  • (Mediastinum=The area between the lungs. The organs in this area include the heart and its large veins and arteries, the trachea, the esophagus, the bronchi, and lymph nodes.)
  • "The mediastinal contents are normally distributed."
  • "The 21 gm thymus gland has a normal external appearance."
  • "The cut sections are finely lobular and pink-tan."
  • "No petechial hemorrhages are seen."
  • "The aorta and remainder of the mediastinal structures are unremarkable."

Body Cavities

  • "The right and left thoracic cavities contain approximately 5 cc of straw colored fluid."
  • "The pleural surfaces are smooth and glistening."
  • "The percardial sac contains 3-4 cc of straw colored fluid and the epicardium and pericardium are unremarkable."
  • "The abdominal contents are normally distributed and covered by a smooth glistening serosa."
  • "No intraabdominal accumulation of fluid or blood is seen."


  • "The 200 gm right lung and175 gm left lung have a normal lobar configuration."
  • "An occasional scattered subpleural petechial hemorrhage is seen on the surface of each lung."
  • "The cut sections of the lungs disclose an intact alveolar architecture witha small amount of watery fluid exuding from the cut surfaces with mildpressure."
  • "The intrapulmonary bronchi and vasculature are unremarkable."
  • "No evidence of consolidation is seen."
  • Microscopic Examination of Lungs. (All sections stained with H&E). "The alveolar architecture of the lungs is well preserved. Pulmonary vascular congestion is identified. No intrinsic abnormalities are seen."


  • "The 100 gm heart has a normal external configuration."
  • "There are scattered subepicardial petechial hemorrhages over the anterior surface of the heart."
  • "The coronary arteries are normal in their distribution and contain no evidence of atherosclerosis."
  • "The tan-pink myocardium is homogeneous and contains no areas of fibrosisor infarction."
  • "The endocardium is unremarkable."
  • "The valve cusps are thin,delicate and pliable and contain no vegetation or thrombosis."
  • "The major vessels enter and leave the heart in the normal fashion."
  • "The foramen ovaleis closed."
  • Microscopic Examination of Myocardium. (All sections stained with H&E). "Sections of the ventricularmyocardium are composed of interlacing bundles of cardiac muscle fibers. No fibrosis or inflammation are identified."

Aorta and Vena Cava

  • "The aorta is patent throughout its course as are its major branches."
  • "No atherosclerosisis seen."
  • "The vena cava is unremarkable."


  • "The 61 gm spleen has a finely wrinkled purple capsule." * "Cut sections are homogeneous and disclose readily identifiable red and white pulp."
  • "No intrinsic abnormalities are identified."
  • Microscopic Examination of Spleen. (All sections stained with H&E). "There is mild autolysis of the spleen. Both red-and-white pulp are identifiable." (Autolysis= The enzymatic digestion of cells by enzymes present within them. The cells most susceptible to autolysis tend to be dying or dead cells.


  • "The adrenal glands are of normal size and shape.""
  • "A golden yellow cortex surmounts a thin brown-tan medullary area.""
  • "No intrinsic abnormalities are identified.""
  • Microscopic Examination of Adrenal Glands. (All sections stained with H&E). "The architecture of the adrenal is well preserved and no intrinsic abnormalities are seen."


  • "The 40 gm right kidney and 40 gm left kidney have a normal external appearance. The surfaces are smooth and glistening."
  • "Cut sections disclose an intact corticomedullary architecture."
  • "The renal papillae are sharply demarcated."
  • "The pelvocaliceal system is lined by gray-white mucosa which is unremarkable."
  • "Both uretersare patent throughout their course to the bladder."


  • "The 625 gm liver has a normal external appearance. The capsule is smooth and glistening."
  • "Cut sections disclose an intact lobular architecture with no intrinsic abnormalities identified."
  • Microscopic Examination of Liver. (All sections stained with H&E). "The lobular architectureof the liver is well preserved. No inflammation or intrinsic abnormality are identified."


  • "The pancreas is of normal size and shape."
  • "Cut sections are finely lobular and tan. No intrinsic abnormalitiesare identified."
  • Microscopic Examination of Pancreas. (All sections stained with H&E). "There is autolysis ofthe pancreas which is otherwise unremarkable."


  • "The bladder is contracted and contains no urine."
  • "The bladder mucosa is smooth and tan-gray."
  • "No intrinsic abnormalities are seen."
  • Microscopic Examination of Bladder. (All sections stained with H&E).
  • "The transitional epithelium of the bladder is autolyzed. No significant intrinsic abnormalities are seen."


  • "The upper portions ofthe vaginal vault contain no abnormalities."
  • "The prepubescent uterus measures3 X 1 X 0.8 cm and is unremarkable."
  • "The cervical os contains no abnormalities."
  • "Both fallopian tubes and ovaries are prepubescent and unremarkable by gross examination."
  • Microscopic Examination of Reproductive Organs. (All sections stained with H&E). "Sections of the uterus are consistent with the prepubescent age. The ovary is unremarkable."


  • "The gallbladder contains 2-3 cc of amber bile.
  • "No stones are identified and the mucosa is smooth and velvety.
  • "The cystic duct, right and left hepatic duct and common bile duct are patent
  • throughout their course to the duodenum."

G.I. Tract

  • "The esophagus is empty. It is lined by gray-white mucosa."
  • "The stomach contains a small amount (8-10 cc) of viscous to green to tan colored thick mucous material without particulate matter identified."
  • "The gastric mucosa is autolyzed but contains no areas of hemorrhage or ulceration."
  • "The proximal portion of the small intestine contains fragmented pieces of yellow to light green-tan apparent vegetable or fruit material which may represent fragments of pineapple."
  • "No hemorrhage is identified."
  • "The remainder of the small intestine is unremarkable."
  • "The large intestine contains soft green fecal material." * "The appendix is present."

Other Organs

  • Lymphatic System. "Unremarkable."
  • Musculoskeletal System. "Unremarkable.              (c) 2023