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Body Covered by Blanket & Sweatshirt

Autopsy Findings. "I initially viewed the body in the living room of the house. The decedent was laying on her back on the floor, covered by a blanket and a Colorado Avalanche sweatshirt"

Autopsy Findings

"The decedent is clothed in a long sleeved white knit collarless shirt, the mid anterior chest area of which contains an embroidered silver star decorated with silver sequins. There are no defects noted in the shirt but the upper anterior right sleeve contains a dried brown-tan stain measuring 2.5 x 1.5 inches, consistent with mucous from the nose or mouth."

"There are long white underwear with an elastic waist band containing a red and blue stripe." (Autopsy Findings ) Urine Stains on Long Underwear. "The long underwear are urine stained anteriorly over the crotch area and anterior legs. No defects are identified." (Autopsy Findings )

White Wednesday Panties; the panties found on JBR's body were oversized. Some have inferred from this that the killer must have changed her panties since it seems unlikely that Patsy would have knowingly put a pair of panties on JBR that was so obviously too large for her. But this raises further questions about what kind of killer would do that. An Internet poster has offered an explanation for why it is unlikely the killer changed JBR's panties: Patsy acceded to JBR's begging to keep day-of-the-week panties originally purchased for a cousin even though they were obviously over-sized. JBR probably changed herself into those panties to get ready for White's party (the panties she'd played in all day were found in her pants): she evidently didn't care about them being over-sized (as evidenced by the Monday pair having earlier been opened and presumably used) but was very proud to know which panties to wear that Wednesday evening. When Patsy got JBR ready for bed after the White's party, the room was dark, so Patsy never noticed JBR was wearing oversized panties. Hence, there is no reason to believe killer changed her panties.

"Beneath the long underwear are white panties with printed rose buds and the words "Wednesday" on the elastic waistband. The underwear is urine stained and in the inner aspect of the crotch are several red areas of staining measuring up to 0.5 inch in maximum dimension."

Panties Were Oversized; the autopsy report gives no indication of the size of the white Wednesday panties JBR was wearing when her body was found. In the August 28, 2000 interview with Patsy Ramsey, Deputy Boulder DA Michael Kane stated the following:"Okay. Were you aware that these were the size of panties that she was wearing, and this has been publicized, it is out in the open, that they were size 12 to 14 ? Were you aware of that?" (p. 93:lines 1 -6). On p. 62 of the Karr arrest affidavit, it also is stated: "at the time of discovery JonBenet Ramsey at the lower level of her residence, she was in fact attired in light colored pajamas and oversized underwear designed for a twelve to fourteen year old female."

Panties Normally Worn by JBR; Patsy Usually Bought Size 8-10. In the August 28, 2000 police interview, Patsy claimed she normally bought size 8 to 10 underwear for JBR (82:line 25 ). Later, after Assistant DA Michael Kane later asserted that only underwear of either size 4 or size 6 had been found in JBR's panty drawers, he asked: "Would that have been about the size pair of panties that she wore when she was six years old?" Patsy answered: "I would say more like six to eight. There were probably some in there that were too small" (93:lines 23 -25; 94:lines 1 -2). Only Size 4 -6 Panties in Drawer. In the same interviews, however, deputy DA Michael Kane asserted that of the 15 pairs of underwear taken from JBR's underwear drawer in the bathroom, "every one of those was either a size four or a size six" (93:line 21 ).

Barbie Nightgown

Found Near Body. "A "Barbie" nightgown belonging to JonBenet was also found in the wine cellar near her body. (SMF P 149; PSMF P 149.) Blood Found on Nightgown. JonBenet's blood was found only on her body and the Barbie nightgown. (SMF P 150; PSMF P 150.)" (Carnes 2003:17).              (c) 2023