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Fiber Evidence

An extensive general discussion of fiber evidence is available at an FBI site. "When a questioned fiber is compared to fibers from a known fabric source, a determination is made as to whether this fiber could have originated from the known fabric. It is not possible to say positively that a fiber originated from a particular fabric ….[Emphasis added] In order to say that the fiber originated from the item of clothing, the clothing either had to be the only fabric of its type ever produced or still remaining on earth, or the transfer of fibers was directly observed. Since neither of these situations is likely to occur or be known, fiber examiners will conclude that the fibers could have originated from the clothing or that the fibers are consistent with originating from the clothing. The only way to say that a fiber did not originate from a particular item of clothing is to know the actual history of the garment or to have actually observed the fiber transfer from another garment. It is argued that the large volume of fabric produced reduces the significance of any fiber association discovered in a criminal case. It can never be stated with certainty that a fiber originated from a particular garment because other garments were likely produced using the same fiber type and color. [Emphasis added] The inability to positively associate a fiber with a particular garment to the exclusion of all other garments, however, does not mean that the fiber association is without value."

What Ramseys Were Wearing on December 25

Patsy Wore Red, Black and Grey Fleece. In the August 28, 2000 Atlanta interview, based on photos taken at White's party (shown to Patsy in the 1998 interviews), Patsy said she was wearing "kind of a black and red and gray fleece" on the night of December 25 (p. 153, lines 23-24). This is referred to as a "jacket" in Bruce Levin's further questioning of Patsy.

Priscilla White Owned Similar Jacket. In the same interviews, Patsy explained how she got that jacket: "Priscilla had had one like it that I admired. And she told me, I believe she told me she got hers at EMS. So I went there to look. And they didn't have one or I didn't want to get one exactly like hers. So I think I got that one at Marshals in Boulder" (p. 154, lines 14-20).

Fibers in Paint Tray.

Levin Comments: In the August 28, 2000 Atlanta interview with Patsy, Bruce Levin stated: "Based on the state of the art scientific testing, we believe the fibers from her jacket were found in the paint tray." (p. 200:lines 4-7). There is a substantial dispute over the significance of this.

Fibers on Duct Tape

Levin Comments. In the August 28, 2000 Atlanta interview with Patsy, Bruce Levin stated: "Based on the state of the art scientific testing, we believe the fibers from her jacket....were found on the duct tape that is found on the mouth." (p. 200:lines 4-10).

Lin Wood Comments. In the August 29, 2000 Atlanta interview with John Ramsey, Lin Wood asserted: "We are told there are hundreds of fibers, for example, on the duct tape." This statement was unrebutted by Bruce Levin (p. 57, lines 5-6).

Henry Lee Comments. In December 2006, ït was reported that "several fibers were found on the duct tape covering JonBenet's mouth that were microscopically similar to a jacket worn by Patsy on Christmas night. Police considered that to be significant, but forensic expert Dr. Henry Lee has concluded that the fibers could have ended up there if "a mother kissed her child good night" and the fibers were transferred."

Dark Fibers in Genital Area

Schiller's Account. "Arndt attended the autopsy. She reported that Meyer had found fibers on JBRs shirt which were similar to fibers found in her pubic area and also found green fibers in her hair... Meyer decided not to make notes of these events in his report" (Schiller 1999a:156)

Blue Cotton Fibers?

It was originally reported "Small dark blue fibers, consistent with a cotton towel, were recovered from the vaginal area." These allegedly were consistent with John Ramsey's bathrobe.

Beckner Testimony. In his November 26, 2001 deposition for the Wolf/Ramsey suit, Mark Beckner was asked: "Because there were blue fibers found on the crime scene?" and responded "Yes" (p. 116, lines 10-12).

Fibers from American Girl Doll? Internet poster claims she used to work for Pleasant Company, which sells American Girl dolls. She believes that the dark blue and tan fibers may have come from a "Molly" version of that doll since it had a skirt that sheds dark blue wool fibers and a tan cotton torso. Nedra purchased such a Molly doll in September 1996 and may have given it to JonBenet at Thanksgiving.

Black Fibers?

Internet poster suggests that since the Ramseys were not asked about blue fibers in the 2000 interviews, that suggests either the police had definitely established the source of these fibers or, more likely, that fibers mistakenly reported as dark blue turned out to be black. Note, however, this is not consistent with Mark Beckner's November 2001 testimony, so he was mistaken, lied, or there were blue AND black fibers.

Fibers from John's Shirt?

In the 2000 interviews with Patsy Ramsey, it was revealed that black fibers were found in JBR's panties and her crotch area; these reportedly matched one of 2 black shirts provided by John to investigators. Internet poster claims this was the same shirt John wore to the White's party the preceding night. However, another internet poster claims John's black shirt was made of wool, but the dark fibers reportedly were cotton.

Were Investigators Lying?

Internet poster: "Lin Wood is on record as saying he checked out that Bruce Levin allegation about a black fiber from John's shirt in JonBenet's crotch area. Lin Wood has said he knows for a fact that the Bruce Levin allegation is completely untrue. I believe Lin Wood about that. I don't think Lin Wood would say that if he didn't believe what he was saying and that his credibility could be questioned in court. I reckon Lin Wood has seen the forensic report about the black fiber matter and knows Bruce Levin was fabricating that evidence."

Was John Ramsey Lying?

But Wendy Murphy argues "After refusing to answer questions about the sweater fibers, John Ramsey and his lawyer, Lin Wood, did what lawyers do when investigators back the suspect into a corner: They filibustered and used profanity. John Ramsey said, “That’s bullshit,” and Wood fulminated about how he couldn’t possibly answer questions without seeing the forensic report. Suffice it to say that if they had an innocent explanation at the time for such damning evidence, there would have been no yelling and no blather."

Sources Ruled Out

Earlier in the case, the police had thought the fibers from the body came from John Ramsey’s bathrobe or Patsy’s black pants or from the blanket found near JonBenét or from the blanket that had been found inside the suitcase under the broken basement window. The fibers might also have come from JonBenét’s own clothes or from one of her stuffed animals. By now, however, all of those possibilities had been excluded [emphasis added], and the only logical explanation was that the fibers came from whatever had been used to wipe JonBenét or possibly from someone who might have rubbed up against her when she was unclothed, which allowed fibers to find their way along her skin and eventually into the folds of her labia. In any event, the clothes worn by Patsy and John on Christmas would have to be compared with the fibers" (Schiller 1999a:563).

Brown Cotton Fibers

Brown cotton fibers on JonBenet's body, the paintbrush, the duct tape and on the ligature were not sourced and do not match anything in the Ramsey home. (SMF P 181; PSMF P 181.) (Carnes 2003:20).Rocky Mountain News characterized these fibers as "light brown" and further reports that [Detective Lou] Smit wonders if the killer wore gloves.

Fibers from Sham & Duvet

Where Found. A sham and duvet were found in the suitcase beneath the train room window. Match to Fibers on JBR? "A CBI examiner issued a report indicating fibers from the pillow sham and comforter were found on JonBenet's shirt, on her vaginal area, on the duct tape from her hand, on the hand ligature and inside the body bag." This is the lab report referenced in the Carnes opinion: "A lab report indicated that fibers from the sham and duvet were found on the shirt that JonBenet was wearing when she was found in the wine cellar. (SMF P 147; PSMF P 147.)" (Carnes 2003:Note 32, p. 68).

Fibers on JBR Unmatched?

However, it also has been reported FBI analysis: FBI examiners said the fibers on JonBenet came from a source other than the pillow sham and comforter -- but none of them matched anything else in the house. If the FBI examiner is right, the killer had to take that piece of material out with him, Smit said.

Green Fibers in Hair.

Schiller Account: Arndt attended the autopsy. She reported that Meyer had found ... green fibers in her hair...Meyer decided not to make notes of these events in his report" (Schiller 1999a:156).              (c) 2023