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The Cora Files ~ Colorado Open Records Act

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Investigation
Boulder District Attorney Case Files

Special Thanks to my friend Samarkandy for making the CORA Request, December 14, 2016

Dec 30, 1996 - CBI Lab Report

Notable in this first Lab Report, the offence is described as 'Willful Kill Family'; suspects are Patsy Ramsey and John Ramsey because BPD had already decided by then that they were guilty.

Evidence Items: Shirt; Long Underwear Bottoms; Underwear; Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit from Jonbenet Ramsey containing the following: Blood Samples, Oral Swabs, Oral Slide, Vaginal Swabs, Vaginal Slide, Rectal Swabs, Foreign Stain Swabs, Fingernail Clippings; Piece of Tape; White Blanket; Night Gown; Comforter; Sheets; Black Comforter; Black Velvet Blanket; Golf Club.

People Items: Hair and/or Blood Standards: John Andrew Ramsey, Melinda Ramsey, John B. Ramsey; Patricia Ramsey, Burke Ramsey, John Fernie, Priscilla White, Jeff Ramsey, Mervin Pugh and Linda Hoffmann-Pugh.

Jan 15, 1997 - CBI Lab Report

Evidence Items: Paper, Towel, Vest, Latex Glove, Bowl, Carpet (3 pieces), Robe.

People Items: Blood Samples: Joe L. Barnhill, Jr., Jay Elowski, Barbara Fernie, Glen Stine, Fleet White, Joe Barnhill, Sr.

Feb 21, 1997 - CBI Lab Report

Evidence Items: Cord, Broken Paint Brush, Shards, Shirt, Blanket, Paint Tray, Black and White Tights, Blouse, Blanket, Suitcase and Contents.

People Items: Hair and Blood Samples: William McReynolds. Saliva Swabs: Linda Pugh, Mervin Pugh, John Fernie. Blood Samples: Linda Pugh, Mervin Pugh, John Fernie, Jack Logan, Mike Glynn.

Apr 09, 1997 - CBI Lab Report

Evidence Items: Brick, Towel, Shirt, Scarf, Flashlight, Sweat Pants, Pillowcase, Toilet Paper, Grate, Shirt, Jeans, Knife. Hairs and/or Fibers, Window.

People Items Blood Samples: Stuart Walker, Roxanna Walker, Susan Stine, Glen Meyer.

Jun 24, 1997 - CBI Lab Report

Evidence Items: Paint Tray, Pants, Golf Club Cover, Toilet Paper, Pants, Sweater, Pants, Shirt, Pants, Hammer, Panties (2), Golf Club, Bat, Stick with Rope, Toilet Seat, Body Bag, Bag from Jonbenet's Hand (2), Fibers from Jonbenet's Hand (2), Fibers from Jonbenet's Shirt, Bag from Jonbenet's Foot (2), Hair Tie (3), Vacuuming from Living Room, Hair and Fibers from Cellar, Hair and Fibers from Pillow, Hair And Fibers from Bottom Sheet, Fibers from Pillow, Vacuumings from Bottom Sheet, Vacuumings from Pillow and Bedspread.

Jan 08, 1998 - CBI Lab Report

Evidence Items: Shirt, Pants, Blanket, Night Gown, Comforter, Sheet (2), Towel, Vest, Sweatshirt, Blanket, Toilet Tissue (2), Pants, Barbie Doll (2), Letter (2), Debris, includes Nineteen (19) Cigarette Butts (A-S).

People Items Blood Samples: Collin Crowell, Kevin Raburn, Lucas Budman.

Mar 16, 1998 - CBI Lab Report

Evidence Item: Pillowcase.

Aug 05, 1998 - CBI Lab Report

Evidence Item: Suitcase.

Sep 01, 1998 - CBI Lab Report

Evidence Items: Panties, Carpet Pieces (3), Liquid Sample.

Dec 18, 1998 - CBI Lab Report

Evidence Item: Panties.

Mar 30, 1999 - CBI Lab Report

Evidence Items: Panties, Cotton Batting.

People Items Cheek Swabs: R. Simons, F. White, Jr., Jenny Davis, Jacob Davis, C. Calvert, K. Floyd

May 17, 1999 - CBI Lab Report

Evidence Items: Cuttings from Panties, Cuttings from Long Johns.

Break in the CORA Files during which the UM1 profile was discovered by
Dr. Gregory LaBerge of the Denver Crime Lab

Dec 10, 2002 - Memo Codis Notes

To:Joe DeAngelo CBI
From: Andy Horita, BDA
Re: Phone Conversation with Pam Schaner, CBI CODIS Administrator

Jan 13, 2003 - Memo Codis Notes (cc: Mary Keenan)

A followup call clarifying distinct lines of communication between Agencies.

Jul 02, 2003 - Meeting Attorneys and PIs

Attendies: District Attorney - Mary Keenan, Assistant DA Bill Nagel, Investigator Lou Smit (Retired Volunteer), Investigator Andy Horita, Investigator Tom Bennett, Attorney Bryan Morgan, Attorney Jennifer L. Gedde, Investigator J. Ron Foster, Investigator David L. Williams, Investigator John St. Augustine, Investigator Ollie Gray, Investigator H. Ellis Annistead.

Victim: JonBenet Ramsey
Defendant: Unknown

"The purpose of the meeting was to reacquaint all personnel with the roles each respective individual performed during their involvement into the investigation of the death of JonBenet Ramsey and/or the representation of Ramsey family members. Additionally, each member from the private sector was requested to share information with representatives of the Boulder District Attorney's Office, regarding potential leads that they had uncovered or developed. This information exchange was requested in part; due to the fact the Boulder District Attorney's Office is now responsible for the investigation into the murder of JonBenet Ramsey."
During the Meeting a Working List of leads was created from the attendie's Experience and Research.

Oct 21, 2003 - Memo Four Month Summary

From: Investigator Tom Bennett
To: ADA Bill Nagel
Re: Gary Oliva

During the first four months of this case assignment I have conducted interviews with approximately forty (40) individuals. The interviews have been conducted at the homes of these individuals, their places of employment, at this office or by telephone. A background investigation of Gary Oliva and an interview conducted with James Selby has offered proof these persons were not responsible for the death of JonBenet Ramsey, thus eliminating two persons high on the list of potential suspects.

Oct 21, 2003 - Memo CBI DNA Meeting

From: Investigator Tom Bennett
To: ADA Bill Nagel
Re: Meeting with CBI Regarding DNA Evidence
Meeting Objective:

1. To glean an in-depth and up to date understanding of the myriad of DNA analyses that has been conducted on evidentiary items submitted regarding the First Degree Murder of JonBenet Ramsey.
2. Obtain information on the advancements in DNA Technology.
3. Determine if specific items of evidence should be re-submitted for DNA analysis.
4. Set forth future logistics of the continuing investigation and delegation of assignments.

Attendees: Ron Arndt CBI, Joe Clayton CBI, Kathy Dressel Formerly CBI, Katy Labato CBI, Greg Leberge Denver Crime Lab, Pam Schaner CBI CODIS Administrator, Sgt. Tom Trujillo BPD, Officer Dave Spraggs BPD, Bill Nagel ADA, Andy Horita Boulder DA Office, Tom Bennett Boulder DA Office

DNA Evidence Items: Right Fingernail Scrapings, Left Fingernail Scrapings, DNA Extract from Victim's Panties, Trace Evidence from the neck ligature, Pubic Hair found on white blanket, White long sleeve knit shirt, Head hair from white blanket, White long underwear bottoms, 'Wednesday' white floral panties (2 samples), Ligature with wooden stick, Trace evidence from victim's vagina, Victim Sexual Assault Kit, Black Duct Tape, White Blanket w/Debris, Pink Barbie Nightgown, Broken section of paint brush, White cord from victim's right wrist, Blue suitcase with book, sham and duvet, JonBenet Underwear from various areas, Barbie Doll from front victim's front yard, Barbie Doll from victim's front yard.

Jan 07, 2004 - NDIS CODIS Results

On January 29, 2004 (Thursday) at 1029 hrs, I (Inv. Tom Bennett) of the Boulder County District Attorney's Office, was contacted by Greggory LaBerge, Forensic Scientist with the Denver Police Department, Crime Laboratory Bureau, DNA Section, LaBerge informed me he had received a Laboratory Report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation addressing the results of a comparison of the DNA deposited on a pair of underwear worn by murder victim: JonBenet Ramsey, DOB/08-06-90. The crime occurred on 12-26-96.

The DNA was compared to the known Offender and Forensic DNA Database maintained through the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), administrated by the FBI. There were no matches.

Another break in the CORA Files timeline. In the interim Kolar infiltrated Mary Lacy's District Attorney Office and then got fired, Patsy died. John Mark Karr confessed to the crime, was arrested, but his DNA didn't match, and so he was let go. Mary Lacy had egg on her face, but soon decided that more DNA testing was in order.

Nov 01, 2007 - Cora File Photos and Memo List

Evidence Photos, Bode Presentation Slides, Memo of Documentary Evidence.

Nov 07, 2007 - Letter to Bode with Case Overview

Overview of DNA evidentiary items, Development of UM1 Profile

History of Items Submitted for DNA Analysis

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