Boulder Skies at Dusk

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ACR-ACandyRose website

AG-Access Graphics

AH-Alex Hunter

BDA-Boulder District Attorney

BDI-Burke Did It

BORG-Bent on Ramsey Guilt, stuck on RDI

BPD-Boulder Police Department

BR-Burke Ramsey



DOI -Death of Innocence (book written by John and Patsy Ramsey)

DS-Doug Stein, a friend of BR

ER-Elizabeth (Beth) Ramsey

FF- Foreign Faction (book written by James Kolar)

FFDI-Foreign Faction Did It

FS- Fence-sitter

FW-Fleet White

GJ-Grand Jury

GS-Glen Stein

IDI-Intruder Did It

IRMI-Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation (book by Steve Thomas)

JAR-John Andrew Ramsey, half-brother of JBR

JBR-JonBenet Ramsey

JK-James Kolar

JMK-John Mark Karr, confessed to the killing ruled out by police

JR-John Ramsey, father of JBR

LA-Linda Arndt

LE -law enforcement

LHP-Linda Hoffman-Pugh

LS-Lou Smit

LW-Lin Wood

MB-Mark Beckner

ML-Mary Lacy

MR/MRL-Melinda Ramsey Long

OSOS-Other Side of Suffering (book by John Ramsey)

PDI-Patsy Did It

PMPT - Perfect Murder, Perfect Town (book by Lawrence Schiller)

PR -Patsy Ramsey, mother of JBR

PSDMF-Plaintiff's Statement Disputing Material Fact

PSMF-Plaintiff's Statement of Material Fact

PW-Paula Woodward

RDI-Ramsey(s) Did It

RN-ransom note

RST-Ramsey Spin Team, term used to refer to those who dispute RDI

SBTC-sign off on the Ransom Note, anybody's guess

SFF-Small Foreign Faction

SG-Stun Gun

SMF-Statement of Material Fact

SS-Susan Stein

ST-Steve Thomas

TG-Taser Gun              (c) 2023