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Foreign Political Faction

Chris Wolf ("The Wolf")

  • The Theory Summary. "Jacqueline Dilson worked at the Dakota ranch, a small retreat and conference center near Lyons, Colorado, which pushed New Age experiences. She had allowed Wolf to move into her trailer in 1995. Chris Wolf turned out to be a reporter for the Colorado Daily and the Boulder County Business Report with a master's degree in journalism. His strange behavior before Christmas and early in the morning after Christmas raised Dilson's concern about what Wolf had been doing all night." (Carnes 2003:75-76).
  • Incriminating Evidence. In the Ramsey's book, "another lead identified by Detective Smit was plaintiff Chris Wolf, who in his estimation presented too many "unanswered questions." (SMF P 284; PSMF P 284.) Defendants identified all of these men, and others, in their book as possible suspects. (SMF P 328; PSMF P 328; The Book at 165-168, 199-201, 215-216, & 310-312.)" (Carnes 2003:37). The specific claims made in the book about Wolf included the following:
  • 1. "Jacqueline Dilson had reported to the Boulder police that she believed her live-in lover, Chris Wolf, might be the person they were seeking. When she couldn't get them to respond, she finally called Patsy's mother, Nedra, and she in turn called Pam, who immediately called Jackie back." (Quote from Ramsey & Ramsey (2000) in Carnes 2003:75).
  • 2. No Alibi. "Apparently, Dilson had spent Christmas Day with Wolf, but he would not stay to have supper with her and her family. Somewhere around 10:00 P.M. Jacqueline went to bed, thinking Wolf had gone off on a spree of some kind or another. At around 5:30 A.M., sounds from the bathroom woke Jackie up, and she realized that Wolf was getting out of the shower. He had left dirty clothes all over the floor. Without explanation of where he'd been, Wolf crawled into bed and went to sleep." (Quote from Ramsey & Ramsey (2000) in Carnes 2003:76).
  • 3. "Later the next day, Dilson and Wolf watched the television news reports of JonBenet's death. To her surprise, she observed him becoming quite agitated. Wolf cursed and said that he believed JonBenet had been sexually abused by her father. For the rest of the evening, Wolf brooded over the case." (Quote from Ramsey & Ramsey (2000) in Carnes 2003:76).
  • 4. Political Motivation? "According to Dilson, Wolf hated big business and had a fascination with world political disputes and political violence." (Quote from Ramsey & Ramsey (2000) in Carnes 2003:76).
  • 5. SBTC? "Most importantly, she said that at one time Chris Wolf had been given a sweatshirt with the initials SBTC (the signature on the ransom note), which stood for Santa Barbara Tennis Club." (Quote from Ramsey & Ramsey (2000) in Carnes 2003:76-77).
  • 6. Suspicious Comments. "We also learned that on January 30 police officers had stopped Wolf at 11:00 A.M. as he drove into Boulder; they discovered he was driving with a suspended license. The woman officer took him to the police station for further questioning when Wolf abruptly told her that the police would make better use of their time by chasing the killer of JonBenet Ramsey. He definitely caught everyone's attention with that remark." (Quote from Ramsey & Ramsey (2000) in Carnes 2003:77).
  • 7. "Detectives Ron Gosage and Steve Thomas started interrogating Chris Wolf with hard questions about our child. When they asked Wolf to write some words from the ransom note, he refused. The police put him in handcuffs, but he still refused. Finally, the two detectives put him in jail, pending the resolution of his suspended license. Later that day Wolf was released." (Quote from Ramsey & Ramsey (2000) in Carnes 2003:77).
  • 8. "By March 1, 1999, we had reported more information on Chris Wolf to the authorities. One person had seen Wolf go into an angry tirade aimed at me after he read an article about our company printed in the Boulder Daily Camera in early 1996. Apparently Wolf accused the company I worked for, Lockheed Martin, of selling arms to South American countries.(SMF P 223; PSMF P 223; The Death of Innocence at 329.)" (Carnes 2003:78).
  • Handwriting Evidence. "forensic document examiner Lloyd Cunningham cannot eliminate plaintiff Chris Wolf as the author of the Ransom Note. (SMF P 279; PSMF P 279.)" (Carnes 2003:30).
  • "Plaintiff's ex-girlfriend has also testified that she was "struck by how the handwriting in the note resembled plaintiff's own handwriting" and believes that he is the note's author. (J. Brungardt Aff. P 43.)" (Carnes 2003:30).
  • "Further, to the extent that the use of a single editing mark might suggest to plaintiff's experts that Mrs. Ramsey was the author, given her bachelor's degree in journalism, one should also note that plaintiff, himself, has a Masters' degree in journalism. (Id. P 13.)" (Carnes 2003:30).
  • "Since 1997, plaintiff {Chris Wolf} has been a long standing suspect of both the Boulder Police Department and the Boulder County District Attorney's Office in the murder investigation. (SMF PP 285-286, 291; PSMF PP 285-286, 291.) Contrary to what the Complaint indicates, Boulder authorities have yet to clear plaintiff of possible involvement in the murder (SMF P 287; PSMF P 287.) Further, he is the only suspect to date to have been arrested in connection with the murder investigation. (SMF P 290; PSMF P 290.)" (Carnes 2003:Note 29).
  • Exculpatory Evidence. According to the Ramsey's book, "Wolf later reported that Steve Thomas and John Eller called him a few weeks afterward to come down to the police department. Once there, they told him, "We have no interest in you." But they did confirm that someone had given his name to police as a possible suspect." (Carnes 2003:77-78).
  • Wolf sued the Ramseys for libel because they had included in their book Wolf's name as a possible suspect. It seems unlikely he would have voluntarily faced an aggressive defense by Lin Wood or other Ramsey lawyers if he himself had committed the killing.

Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC)

  • The Theory argues that CU-Boulder student Nathan Inouye, who lived with Doug Stine's family and occasionally sat for the Ramseys as well, was a member of this student group at University of Colorado at Boulder and hence could have provided access to the Ramsey house for any of the APAC members. The alleged motive for this group to kill JBR was political.
  • This group disbanded in April 1997, which some find as suspicious; none of these students was investigated by BPD.
  • Apart from the fact that Nathan Inouye was a Ramsey babysitter, no direct evidence has surfaced to tie APAC to the crime.
  • If the motive was political, no one has convincingly demonstrated how the group benefitted from JBR's death.

Secret Evil Society

  • The Theory, it was a full-blown conspiracy involving a very secret evil society, a "foreign faction" involving many people including journalists, police, corrupt law-enforcement and non-justice oriented officials and personalities, pedophiles, mostly Celtic descendents from Ireland and Europe. Directly involved: Bill, Janet, and Robert McReynolds, Helgoth, Oliva, Simons, Wolf, Whites. Coverup participants: BPD, Beckner, Smit, Lacy, etc. Assisting in coverup: most Boulder journalists, tabloidists, FBI, Wecht, Lee.
  • Evidence of such a hard-to-believe theory is found, not in what is seen, but by peering under the surface. Supposedly, there are coded messages in news articles about the case which substantiate the theory. Journalists' news articles, writings by McR's, by Smit, by the ransom note itself, by Fleet White, by Chris Wolf, by Mark Beckner, by D.A. Lacy, and others, give significant clues when one analyzes annagram messages formed by the capital letters in them. But beyond that, it takes little but sound judgement to see that the official investigation was never serious, that the killer has immunity, that the FBI never wanted to touch it, that the instigators will go on with their lives in total comfort, knowing that they are safe from arrest and prosecution because the investigation is frozen solid as rock.
  • The motive for killing JonBenet was allegedly that she threatened to disclose molestation by White. She had only told a pageant participant, (not even her parents), who told BPD who squashed it as unsubstantiated. Krebs' accusations show evidence of secret pedophilic society, too, but BPD, with journalistic help, put her on the "unbelievable" list and squashed her story, insinuating "false memories" and unreliable testimony.              (c) 2023