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The Stungun Used on JonBenet

When an obvious and hurtful lie to the Victim's Family is being used to impede a Murder Investigation
that lie needs to be exposed.

This post is dedicated to John Andrew Ramsey, and John Wesley Anderson, author of Lou and Jonbenet: A Legendary Lawman's Quest to Solve a Child Beauty Queen's Murder; as they continue to actively and heroically seek Justice for JonBenet despite encountering continuous opposition and denial from the Boulder Police Department; while they try to convince them that yes BPD, there really is an Intruder. It is time to find Justice for Jonbenet.

An item of evidence BPD has denied stands out; they have long maintained that no stungun was used on JonBenet, that the distance between the electrodes of the AirTazer do not match the distance between the wounds found on JonBenet's back and face. If it is problematic for them matching the distance between weapons and wounds, then it is easily proven otherwise, using ortho-correct photos and certified measurements obtained from an Expert Measurer, the distance between the electrode spread of the Air Tazer stun gun, and the distance between JonBenet's wounds can be proven to be exactly the same.

Certified Measurements by a Professional Land Surveyor are considered the Truth in Colorado, they are required for Building and Planning; but perhaps BPD should consider requiring them as well; because, while numbers don't lie, if they are not willing to do the math when it comes to evidence; and the right thing concerning people's innocent lives, then perhaps they should hire a reliable Professional Land Surveyor who can provide them with accuracy.

Drive Stun Wounds - Pure Torture

Photo Overlay shows the Drive Stun Wounds found on JonBenet Ramsey's back at Autopsy compared to the Electrode Spread of the Air Tazer stungun. Measurements are accurate to the scale depicted.

Drive-Stun Wounds Overlay

Stungun Overlay

A Land Surveyor has certified the measurements as shown above; they are an accurate depiction of the stun gun electrode spread as compared to the distance between JonBenet's mysterious wounds;
and, they are exactly the same. The Truth.

More photos of the stun gun with measurements can be found here at Lou Smit's Gallery

TextBook Explanation

The patterned marks on JonBenet's face and back are drive stun wounds consistent with the findings in the Chapter Police Training Manual linked below. The wounds on JB can be viewed and compared in these photos. 'Conducted ELectrical Weapons (CEW), commonly known as Stun Guns are usually implemented by a police officer from a distance to gain control over a suspect however they can also be used by directly contacting the two metal electrodes directly to the skin allowing for completion of a circuit. This method of direct contact application is called a drive stun. Drive stuns are not a true incapacitation method of controlling a suspect, but are considered more a pain compliance tool or a torture device.

JonBenet Wounds

Single Contact Point

Police Training Reference - Ch4 Conducted Electrical Drive Stun Wounds

Dr. Michael Doberson Pathology Report

Proof of a stun gun has actually existed for awhile, however BPD evidently chose to ignore it, deciding instead that no evidence of a stun gun existed. I mean, how do you prove something tangible doesn't exist? In 2002, Dr. Michael Doberson, former Medical Examiner Arapahoe County, examined the JBR Case evidence at the request of Lou Smit, True Detective. The following excerpts are from his Report:

I have reached the following opinions in this case which are stated to a reasonable degree of medical probability. Analysis of the autopsy report of JonBenet Ramsey reveals:

  • A. injuries· on the right side of the face as well as well as on the left lower back are patterned injuries most consistent with the application of a stun gun.
  • B. Based on the autopsy report, evidence of injury to the exteliial genitalia was sustained at approximately the time of death.
  • C. Severe craniocerebral injuries were sustained during the perimortem period, i.e. the period immediately surrounding the time of death.
  • D. I agree with Dr. John E. Meyers' conclusion that the cause of death in JonBenet Ramsey is asphyxia by strangulation associated with craniocerebral trauma

Pig Marks Measurements

In conclusion, it is my opinion to a reasonable degree of medical probability that;

  • A. Injuries on the right side of the face as well as on the left lower back are patterned injuries most consistent with the application of a stun gun.
  • B. Evidence of injury to the external genitalia was sustained a short time prior to death. There is no reliable evidence at autopsy to indicate chronic sexual abuse.
  • C. Severe craniocerebral injuries were sustained during the perimortem period.
  • D. The cause of death in this case is related to strangulation associated with craniocerebral trauma.

Thanks to Samarkandy for posting the entire report at her website.
Dr Michael Doberson Forensic Pathology Report 4-21-2002              (c) 2023