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The JonBenet Ramsey Crime Scene


Block 35, University Place,
located in the Southwest Quarter of Section 31, Township 1 North, Range 70W of the 6th P.M.,
City and County of Boulder, Colorado, on deposit with the Boulder County Surveyor.


Source Land Survey Plats
Easement Brumfitt-Oxley

Line of Sight

A man sitting on the concrete wall has a line-of-sight into JonBenet's bedroom and balcony because it is higher in elevation than either of the other vantage points.

19 cigarette butts were found by a neighbor's shed as reported in the case files; the likely place to do that is in the alley, on top of, or around, the Colby's concrete wall.

This collage from available Survey Plats on deposit at Boulder County. It depicts an imaginary line-of-sight from the concrete wall at the northeast corner of the Colby's property, across the alley, into the backyard to JonBenet's Balcony.

JonBenet's Balcony elevation of 5562' is determined at 15' above the ground elevation of 5547'; the top-of-fence elevation is determined to be 5553', the height of a 6' wood fence added to the ground elevation of 5547'; and, the elevation on top of the Colby's concrete wall is 5554', a 4-6' concrete wall above a ground elevation of 5548'.

Can you see how easy it would be to peek in on JonBenet?

Block 35

Historical Aerial Photo from Winter 1993.

The JonBenet Ramsey Crime Scene


Basement Overlay


First Floor Overlay

First Floor

Second Floor Overlay

Second Floor

Third Floor Overlay

Third Floor

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Many thanks to Samarkandy for posting the Ramsey House Floor Plans at her site              (c) 2023