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Crime Scene Notes - Second Floor

Second Floor

1. Stacked Washer and Dryer at second floor laundry area.

2. Spiral Stairway down to the first floor hallway near the kitchen.

3. The wall around the spiral stairway was decorated with garlands of evergreens, some pieces of which were found in the victim's hair.

4. Stairway leading up to the parents bedroom

5. Second floor laundry area where Patsy washed the sheets from JonBenet's bed. A drawer containing "pull-ups" was opened with some of them pulled out and fallen on the floor.

6. A red turtleneck knit top was found in the bathroom on the vanity.

7. JonBenet's bedroom where a Christmas Card from a unidentified person was found torn up and discarded in the waste basket. There were no unrine stains found on the sheets and the white blanket that had been between the comforter and sheets that was found wrapped around the victim's body in the basement. Fibers from the ligature were found on the bed.

8. A paper sack containing a course heavy rope was found in John Andrew's bedroom on a chair. A section of the dust ruffle had been disturbed. Sections of the carpet in front of the bed were cut and removed by law enforcement. It is unknown what those sections contained to prompt their removal or what investigators may have found on them.

9. The alley and driveway to the garage, and consequently the return of the family from the White's Christmas party, could be seen from the window.              (c) 2023