Boulder Skies at Dusk

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Crime Scene Notes - Third Floor

Third Floor

1. Stairs leading down to laundry area and spiral stairway

2. A year old business newspaper article featuring business leaders in Boulder included a group photo with John Ramsey circled with a hand drawn heart in red ink. John Ramsey stated that he had not seen this paper before.

3. The air duct that some believe directed a child's scream across the street was located at this point about 14" below the windows located on the south side of the home appear to be inoperable. John told police that he and Patsy often left a window cracked at night for fresh air and that as they lay in bed they could hear sounds coming from the street in front of the house. It is likely that the small window seen on the north side of the house is the one left cracked open. Sounds directed from the north to the south from in front of their neighbor's house would then be heard. The windows seen on the front of the house at the 3rd floor are decoration only. Two walls and a dead air space separate those from the bed room.

4. Stairs leading down to second floor near Burke and Melinda's Rooms.              (c) 2023