Boulder Skies at Dusk

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Crime Scene Notes - First Floor

First Floor

1. A metal baseball bat of unknown origin was found next to the house. A fiber from the carpet in front of the windowless room was found on it.

2. A Mag-Lite flashlight, similar to the one owned by the Ramseys and commonly used by police officers was found on the kitchen counter. Investigators found there were no prints on either the case or the batteries inside. No one claimed ownership of the flashlight.

3. The door to the butler's hallway was found open early in the morning of the 26th. No one knows how or when it was left open.

4. A 3 page ransom note was found on the 3rd step of the spiral stairway by Patsy Ramsey on her way to the kitchen to make coffee. It was later determined that these had been torn from a writing tablet found on a nearby table. The distance from the 4th step down to the 2nd, a step Patsy said she made to clear over the pages was 14" down and 4" out.

5. At the foot of the stairway was a plastic bag Patsy had filled with clothes for their morning trip to Michigan.

6. The table where writing tablets were kept.

7. Place on the floor where John Ramsey placed the pages of the ransom to read while Patsy dialed the police for help. When John Fernie arrived about 6:15am he said he went to the back door and found the door locked. He said he was able to read a few lines from the ransom note from that position.

8. The wall phone Patsy used to call police was located between the spiral stairway and the back door.

9. A white serving bowl containing chunks of fresh pineapple and a large serving spoon was found next to an empty 8oz drinking glass containing a used tea bag draped over its edge on the breakfast table. No one knows how these items came to be on the table or what their significance is. They are the subject of much speculation. Police found Patsy and Burke's fingerprints on the bowl.

10. When John came running up from the basement carrying JonBenet's bogy, he laid her down on the foyer floor.

11. Detective Arndt subsequently picked up the child and laid her body near the Christmas Tree.

12. A Sharpie brand marker pen used to write the ransom note was found on the kitchen counter near the wall phone.

13. John Ramsey checked for a note or letter that might have come from the kidnappers at the mail slot.

14. A neighbor to the south reported that the light outside the sunroom near the southeast corner of the house and normally kept on by the Ramseys was turned off that night

15. The sunroom where Patsy and several family friends awaited the outcome of the supposed kidknapping not suspecting that her daughter lay directly beneath them in the wine cellar windowless room.

16. The window well with the metal grate appeared to have been lifted up as some grass had been caught under the rim and foliage around it had been disturbed. Investigators also reported that a spider web had been spun across the grate causing the police to believe that if the grate had been moved it would have destroyed the web, hence no entry through the grate. However, a spider expert stated that the type of spider involved was more active in winter than other species and could have spun the web after an intruder left. Detective Lou Smit also demonstrated how the grate could have been lifted without disturbing the web-spinning behavior of the spider, if indeed, one ever existed. There is no crime scene photo or other evidence of such a web. The debris at the bottom of the well also appeared to Lou Smit to have been disturbed as if someone had scraped their bottom across the raised window frame threshold. Several packing peanuts were seen in the well, particularly gathered in one corner of the well bottom.

17. The front yard had remnants of snow that fell the previous week (an average of 1" as reported by the National Weather Station in the neighborhood). There had been a dusting of snow (less than 0.1') from the evening before and frost from that morning. Officer Reichenbacher had walked the perimeter of the house and observed there were no fresh footprints in the snow. He also reported that the walkways and patio were clear of snow and frost.

18. The patio at the rear door, the drive, and the hallways between were clear of snow and frost.

19. Detective Steve Thomas wrote in his book that a dictionary found in the study with a corner of the page dog-eared and pointing to the word incest; this is not sunstantiated by material available to the public.

20. The light switch for the basement stairway located on the wall.

21. A high shuttered window in the kitchen overlooked the butler pantry roof. It was through this upper window that the neighbor to the north reported seeing strange flickering lights in the kitchen about midnight. He would not have been able to see directly into the kitchen.

22. Burke's metal bat found near the swing.

23. The garage side door was unlocked.              (c) 2023