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The JonBenet Ramsey Murder Mystery

The Autopsy & Funeral
12/27/96 - 8:15am Autopsy. Autopsy conducted at 8:15 AM by Dr. John Meyer, Boulder County Coroner with Det. Linda Arndt and Det. Tom Trujillo in attendance.
12/27/96 - 15:00pm Second Boulder Search Warrant. Police obtained search warrant for Ramsey house in Boulder. An inventory of property taken is included on pp. 5-7 of that warrant, but a transcribed version including links to photos of selected objects is at
12/27/96 - ~7:00pm JR Visits Crist Mortuary. JR goes to Crist Mortuary to make funeral and transportation arrangements.
12/27/96 - ~21:30pm Arndt/Mason Interview John Ramsey. Det. Linda Arndt and Sgt Larry Mason go to the Fernie residence and talk to JR. Also in the room are Jeff R, R Westmoreland, M Bynum and Dr Beuff. JR tells them there will be a private memorial service in Boulder on Sunday at 2pm after which they will be flying to Atlanta and JBR's funeral will be held on Tuesday. LA says she will telephone Sat am to arrange interviews for JR & PR.
12/27/96 - ~8:00p Ramseys at Fernies. Ramseys stayed at John and Barbara Fernie house.
12/27/96 - ~8:00pm BPD Press Release: Update on Homicide Investigation.
12/28/96 - ~12:00pm Ramsey family goes to Boulder police station to answer questions and give samples of hair, blood and handwriting. These include John Ramsey, John Andrew Ramsey and Burke Ramsey. They were accompanied by an attorney from Haddon, Morgan & Foreman).
12/28/96 - ~12:00pm Shortly after noon that Saturday, without consulting John or Patsy, Bynum told Detective Arndt that the Ramseys would not give any more testimonial evidence without a criminal attorney present, and they would no longer share privileged information with the police. Since he was no longer a criminal attorney, Bynum called Bryan Morgan of Haddon, Morgan and Foreman in Denver, one of Colorado's top firms. By Saturday evening the Ramseys had retained Morgan.
12/28/96 - ~1:00pm Pam Paugh Retrieves Items from Ramsey Home. Patsy Ramsey's sister, Pam Paugh, returned to the Ramsey house to get some personal belongings, some clothing, and some things appropriate for JonBenet's burial.
12/28/96 - ~1:00pm PR chooses her funeral outfit from a selection of outfits sent to her by a local store.
12/28/96 - ~1:00pm The Ramseys met with attorneys Bryan Morgan and Patrick Burke at the Fernies.
12/28/96 - ~1:00pm In a telephone conversation, the DA chief trial deputy, Peter Hofstrom, asked Meyer if there was any medical reason to retain custody of the body. He said no, he had decided to release the body on Dec. 29, before investigators made their inquiry.
12/28/96 - ~1:00pm BPD issue Press Release: Ramsey Update #03.
12/29/96 - ~8:00am Big Red Boat Cruise. This is the day the Ramseys originally had planned to take their first cruise on Disney's Big Red Boat in celebration of Patsy's 40th birthday on this day.
12/29/96 - 2:00pm Memorial Service in Boulder. About 200 family members and friends gathered Sunday at St. John's Episcopal Church in Boulder to mourn the girl's death.
12/29/96 - ~4:00pm Ramseys Flew to Marietta, GA. The family flew to Marietta Georgia, in a private jet, piloted by John Ramsey, for JonBenet's funeral .
12/28/96 - ~4:00pm BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #04.
12/28/96 - 5:00pm Third Boulder Search Warrant. Police obtained search warrant for Ramsey house in Boulder. An inventory of property taken is included.
12/30/96 - 12:00pm Visitation at Funeral Home. 300 Friends and family visited JonBenet at Mayes-Ward Dobbins Funeral Home in Marietta, Georgia.
12/30/96 - ~3:00pm Ramseys Hired Attorneys. John Ramsey hired a prominent criminal attorney, Bryan Morgan, and Patsy hired his partner, Patrick Burke. Patrick Korten received a call from Hal Haddon, Bryan Morgan's other partner, and became the Ramsey family official spokesperson.
12/30/96 - ~12:00pm BPD Press Release: Ramsey Update #05.
12/31/96 - ~1:00pm JBR Funeral Following a funeral at Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, JBR was buried in Marietta, GA; she was wearing a pageant gown and glittering tiara.